A nice sex story to read

I am a regular reader of sexvex, and other Indian erotic sex story site for years, but I never once posted any story, not even once.

After reading all these stories, I thought I would share my true experience with the other members.

Now, I am 31 years, this happened 13 long years back, when I was just 18, I had come from college hostel, on my second semester leave.

Even during the time, there are some cheap magazines were available nearby railway station, which I used to buy and read, so I know about the incest relationship, and sex.

Just a year back, that time, I was on my 15th Standard I had sex with my friend, we had once or twice, and then I started hating her, for various reason. After that I have had sex with some local prostitute nearby my college.

When ever I get to read the sex novels, I used to masturbate thinking about character and comparing somebody in my real life. Even sometimes, my friends mother, their elder sister, my teacher, sometime even my own sisters. These all were just a pure imagination of mine, just to relive myself, when I am really had my orgasm, I never think about this I forgot my imagination, again another day will come, when I am all alone when the books are available, I go on.

As I told you earlier when this incident happened, I was 18 years old, and my eldest who was married and her age was 27. They were staying my state capitol, my brother in law was suppose to go on some tour for one whole month to a nearby country.

As I was on leave, to help her and for security reason I was forcefully send to stay with her. She had a baby girl who was just 2 yrs old.

When the day happened, Initially I was just sleeping next to my sisters daughter, but then my sister was worried, as I had habit of rolling in the bed while I am sleep, she moved the baby next to her, so I slept next to my sister and the baby is next my sister, it was a master bed, so there was comfortable space for everyone.

I really do not know what happened and how, late in the night when I just thought I am holding something, I really understood, I was hugging my sister, I was shocked, I was thinking what I am doing, in the meantime, I realized she is also hugging me, I thought, as I was done by mistake while at sleep she also done it.

My incest my mind, stopped me from going away, too started hugging her, and started moving my hand all over, within minutes, I got a huge erection. My sister, dropped her hand inside my Berumuda shorts, as if she is doing it in her sleep and started massaging my cock.

I opened the button of nighty from the back, she immediately helped me to remove her nighty with out opening her eyes, and dragged me towards her breast and she was not wearing any bra, I started sucking her breast, after sometime she pushed me towards her pussy, and pulled her night gown fully to expose her to me, she spread her legs for me and pulled me towards her cunt I was forced lick and suck her, I continue doing this for while, and then she dragged me towards up, hope by the time she had cum and she guided my dig inside her, I started having sex, I could not belive myself that I am having sex with my own sister, when I was about to cum, which she realized by way I am doing , as she was experienced she pushed me away and immidiatly pulled my dig and started sucking it, and I came inside her mouth. She wipped her face, went to the toilet, by the time she came back from the toilet I was slept.

Morning I never saw her, after that day, she never tried anything with me, nor I had any courage to approach her.

Now 13 years over, i have enough sex with so many girls, but I just cant forget this experience.

At last today I have told the members, and I feel little happy.


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