Aisha's Story:3

Aisha woke up late next morning. Lazily she pulled the curtains,
letting in soft light of March sun into her bedroom. It was spring
which is the best month in Lahore (Pakistan). She walked out of her
room and went straight to the lounge. It was empty except the
maidservant. She remembered that her parents had to go to a wedding in
their native village. The maidservant told her that only she and Amir
were left behind. Hearing Amir name she blushed and remembered the
events of last night. Not wanting the servant to see her blushing she
went back to her room. She went to the bathroom to do the morning
necessities. The door to Amir's room was unlocked. She went to look it
but after a mischievous grin let it remain open. Slowly she removed
all her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew that she
was beautiful and the mirror replied in affirmative. After doing the
necessary rituals she took a bath and wiped herself dry. The wearing a
beautiful lacy bra and panties she went to Amir's room. He was
sleeping soundly. She slowly removed the light blanket over him. To
her surprise she found that he was sleeping naked. His flaccid cook
was visible. She drew closure and started inspecting it. It was a mere
two inches in length, not long as she had seen it the previous night.
She lightly touched it. It was soft. She then ran a finger on his
balls. They were bigger than she thought and oval in shape. Amir had a
thick bush of pubs and she made a mental note that she will ask him to
remove them. Amir stirred in his sleep and she tiptoed back to her room.

Later in the day when she went out she met him in the lounge watching
Pakistan and India cricket match. They both said hello and smiled at
each other. She sat near him on the sofa.

"Come closer to me," he said.

"No somebody might notice it."

"Papa and mamma have gone and they are not coming back till late at
night," he replied.

"The maidservant? What about her."

"I gave her leave and there is nobody in the house and also I have
looked the front door."

"You rascal. You have something in mind."

"Come closer to me and will you and please remove your shawl."

Aisha smiled to herself and after removing her shawl went near her
brother and placed her head on his shoulder.

"You know Amir, I feel like I am your wife."

"Except that I haven't made love to my bride."

"We have been married only for say 10 hours," she giggled.

"Did you love what we did last night?" he asked.

"I really enjoyed it; by the way I say your small cock in the morning."

"Do you think it is small?"

"I have nothing to compare it with," she replied. "Amir will you do
one thing for me?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I want you to please shave your pubes for me."

"OK I will do it for you."

Aisha saw a bulge in his pants. She put her hand on it and smiled.
"You are hard Again," and without waiting for his reply opened his
pants and brought his cook out with its full glory. It looked
beautiful in full lights.

"Amir do you masturbate."

"Yes. Often."

"Do you think about someone when doing it?"

"Yes I do," he replied.

"Can you tell me who?"

"Well sometimes about you and well I cannot tell you about the other

"Please tell me, I won't tell anybody, you know that."

"I think about Samia quite often." When he said that he looked at her
for a sign of any anger but there was none.

"Have you seen her naked?" she asked.

"Well her boobs when she is feeding Atif."

"What do you visualize about her?" she asked.

"I think about sucking her tits and drinking her milk and sometime
fucking her."

Aisha was getting turned on. "Will you like to fuck me?"

"Sure, that will be the best thing ever to happen to me. But will you
let me do it?"

Aisha looked straight into his eyes and with a seductive smile lowered
her head and took his erect penis in her mouth. She wanted to please
her brother and be his bride. She vigorously kept on sucking him

"Oh my god Aisha I am going to come. Please suck harder." Aisha
increased her speed and within a few strokes she felt her brothers
cock stiffen. She knew that he was about to come but she wanted him to
come in her mouth. To show him that she truly love him. Then she felt
the first set of jism hit her throat. She kept on sucking earnestly
and load after load of semen filled her mouth and some of it trickled
down her lips. When she realized that he was spent, she let his cock
slip out if her mouth and looked up.

Amir brought her up and kissed her on her full lips. He felt his cum
on them. She opened her mouth and their tongues met. The taste of her
sweet mouth along with his cum taste felt wonderful. They kept on
kissing for sometime. Then they separated.

"How can I thank you Fazia?"

"You don't have to thank me remember I am your sister and wife."

"My wife! I thought you were just making me happy by saying it."

"Amir, I want us to live like husband and wife unless I am really
married. But to tell you the truth I love you so much know that I wish
we could be married and I can raise your children.

"I love you too Aisha and we shall talk about it later OK. Now can we
go to my room?" He got up and taking his sisters hand they both went
to his room. Once in their room they embraced tightly and started
kissing. Soon both were naked and staring at each other. Amir took her
in his hands and laid her on the bed. He took her nipple in his mouth
and started sucking on it. Slowly his hand traced down and he found
the lips of her moist pussy. Fazia purred like a cat. His mouth
followed his hands and slowly he was kissing her thighs. Then he
placed his mouth on her pussy. Fazia gave a cry of ecstacy and thrust
her pussy forward to meet his tongue. Amir licked on her clit and
virgin fuck hole.

"Love me Amir please."

Amir extended his hand and took out a bottle of cream he used for
masturbation. He applied some to his cock and then looked at his sister.

"Are you ready for it my dear?" He asked.

"Yes I am all yours my dear brother; I am your wife. Love me and take
my virginity. Give me all your seed."

With that Amir put the tip of his cock on his sister fuck hole.

"Look, it may hurt a bit but you will enjoy later on," he said.

"I know. Just fuck me." At last Amir heard the word he was waiting
for. He was so turned on by the use of vulgar language by his sister
that he pushed his cock with a vigor.

Fazia was finding it hard to breathe. She felt her brother's cook hit
her hymen and when his cook tore it she felt like she was going to die
of pain. Tears started rolling from her eyes. Amir stopped for a
moment seeing her tears but Fazia thrust her hips and the rest of his
penis entered her virgin hole. She could feel his hairy ball touching
her asshole. They lay still for some time both savoring the moment.
Fazia could feel her brother cook throbbing in her tight pussy. Slowly
Amir started pumping.

"I cannot hold on for long. You know it is my first time," said Amir.

"Just come inside me, that is all I want from you my dear."

Amir knew he could not last longer so he increased his speed and
within no time he started to come. Fazia felt her brothers cum filling
her pussy. She was overjoyed. Here was her brother, her man, filling
her with the seed of life.

After some time Amir took out his cook from his sisters pussy. It was
red wit her blood. She also saw blood on his cook and quickly looked
at her pussy. There was a large patch of blood on the bed sheet and
her pussy was all red.

They looked at each other and then started to laugh together. They
both went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves and removed all
traces of their love making form the room.

"Next time I will make you come," said Amir.

"It doesn't matter, you love me and that is more important for me than
having an orgasm and I know that like a good husband you will fulfil
my sexual desires.

"Don't start calling me your husband. It might become your habit let
other people know about it."

"Please don't let me stop calling you that, I promise you I shall be
careful" Fazia pleaded. "OK but not always. Now let's go out and take
a walk."

"I can't, my pussy is sore and I want some rest before anybody
arrives," she said.

"Let us then watch TV," and with that both of them went to the lounge.


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