Aisha's Story:4

Days went by without much excitement. They tried to have sex at every
possible time, but ended up having oral sex only as they were afraid
of being caught. They would suck each other off or masturbate each
other. Amir even brought some porno movies but was unable to watch
them as the VCR and TV were in the lounge and they were afraid of
being caught. One night when Amir went to his sister's room he found
his sister very tense.

"Is something wrong?" he inquired.

"I am one week late and I think I am pregnant," she replied. "What are
we going to do now?"

"But we had real intercourse only once."

"When we first did it, my periods had just ended and I think you got
me pregnant that very night," she said.

"Can't you ask some body, maybe your friends," he asked.

"No, I don't have a friend this close to confined to," she said.

"Then what are we going to do, wait a minute, why don't you ask Samia
about it?"

"She will kill me if she finds out about us," she replied in a tearful

"I know she will be angry but you know she won't tell anybody."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes I am sure," he said, however he wasn't sure what would happen
when she will learn about their love affair.

Next morning Aisha did not go to school, pretending she had severe
headache, and remained in her room. After some time she heard a knock
at her door and her mother entered.

When Aisha saw her mother she started crying.

Her mother was taken aback. She came near her daughter and put an arm
around her.

"What is the problem my dear, is your headache so severe?" her mother

Aisha looked at her mother with tearful eyes. Her mother instantly
realized that some thing was wrong.

"What's the matter darling? Come on tell me."

Aisha had already made up her mind of telling her the true story no
matter what happens.

"I am late and I think I am pregnant," she replied.

It was like a bombshell to her mother. Her sweet 15-year-old was
telling her something that she hadn't expected to hear. She could not
talk for some time. She looked at her weeping daughter. She looked so
pretty and innocent that it was impossible for any body to think that
she would have done such an act. But something had to be done first
and that was to give her medicine for her periods. Questions can be
asked later on.

"Young lady, you are to answer my questions but now I am going to give
you a pill which will hopefully will do the work, however I am very
disappointed." With that her mother left her room and came back with a
pill and a glass of water. She gave it to Fazia who took it with water.

"Now tell me every thing and I mean everything," her mother said.

Fazia's mother Samia was herself a beautiful women. She was married at
the age of 18 and even at 36 she had a nice figure. Her daughter was a
true copy of her even in sex she thought. Samia herself had lost
virginity at 17 when she had her first sexual encounter. Her girl
friend Lubna had taken her virginity. She remembered how she had gone
to her friend's house for a night stay and during night she was
awakened by a hand on her breasts. In dim lights she saw that it was
her friend Lubna, She was totally naked. Seeing her awake Lubna smiled
and kissed her. Samia had seen Lubna's breasts many times and had
shown her her beautiful tits but this was something else.

"Come on remove your clothes," Lubna said and without waiting for an
answer started removing Samia's clothes. Samia did not protest, she
was turned on by what was happening. She had not seen a pussy other
than her own and wanted to see Lubna's. To summarize, they inspected
each other in detail and licked each other pussies. Lubna lost her
hymen to her best friends when she inserted a carrot in her pussy.
Their lesbian love continued after their marriages and even lately had
given head to each other. But that was a lesbian affair and there was
nothing to worry about being pregnant.

Now Samia was waiting for her daughter to answer her question and what
was going to come wasn't in her wildest dreams.

"You are not going to kill me, are you?" pleaded Fazia.

"Certainly not, but I am greatly disappointed, however I myself was
your age and I realize a girls need in our man oriented society," her
mother replied.

"Amir," was all she could say.

"What Amir?" Her mother was puzzled.

"I did it with Amir and believe me it was all my fault and I love
him," she replied in one breath.

Samia was dumfounded. Amir her son was doing it to his sister. She
didn't know what to say but just kept on starring at her daughter.

"Oh mother, I am sorry but please say nothing to Amir, we love each
other so much that it didn't look sinful for us to make love. If he
was not my brother I would have married him."

Samia sighed deeply to control her nerves. She could not figure out
what to say. "Incest" had always excited her but not in her own home.
She thought about it as just a thing of fiction. But here reality was
starring at her. But she saw that her daughter was on the verge of
collapse and she had to do something.

"Tell Amir to meet me when he comes back from school and you take some
rest," she said in a motherly manner trying to play down the situation.

"You are not going to beat him or tell daddy," Aisha asked.

"Certainly not I am not going to do any thing crazy, I just want to
talk to him relax will you," and with that she left her daughter's room.

Samia went straight to her room. She was thinking. What was she going
to do about it. She knew she cannot let it happen any more but how?.
Both her children had tasted the joys of sex and it was going to be
hard for her to keep a permanent guard on them. Then she reached a
conclusion. She will let them play with each other and have oral sex.
That way they can get their rooks off and Fazia might not get pregnant
again. She started planning how she was going do it.

Amir came after lunchtime. When he saw his mother he knew that Aisha
has told her everything.

"Hi Samia," he said.

"Did you meet Aisha," she asked.

"No I just came in," he said.

"Alright come to my room." Amir followed his mother to her room
thinking about what is going to happen to him.

His mother closed the door and locked it. Amir stiffened. His mother
turned around and pointed to a chair. He sat down not knowing what was

"Amir I am your mother and it is my duty to tell you between right and
wrong. What you are doing is wrong, totally wrong. If you love
somebody it does not mean that you can have sex with that somebody. I
know that you love me but does that mean that you would like to have
sex with me."

"Look Samia, I know that you could have thrown me out of the house for
what I have done which you did not and I am thankful for that. You
know that ours is a strict society and it is not permitted but I want
to confess that I do not feel it is wrong."

Samia looked at her son. What she saw was a beautiful young man
confessing his desires. She realized that her own pussy was getting
wet. She had planned that she was going to teach him about oral sex.
Her own sex life was not that active. Her husband didn't think sex
something to be done regularly. He was a typical Pakistani male who
thinks that it is only for men to enjoy sex.

She smiled at him.

"You are very bold, are you not afraid of what you are saying," she
asked him. Then without waiting for his answer she asked, "Come over

Amir walked towards his mother and stood in front of her. Without any
hesitation her mother opened the zipper of his pants and pulled out
his cock. Amir was so shocked that his penis shrank.

She took the small penis in her hand and looked up at her son and
smiled. "You have a lovely cock."

She gave her sons cock a few jerks and it started to rise. Samia was
trembling with desire. Except her husbands cock, which was a mere 5
inches, she had not seen any other penis. Amir's penis grew fully
erect to it full 7 inches. It was long and thick, his mother noted.

"Do you like what I am doing."

"Don't know," stuttered Amir.

Samia pulled down his pants and Amir shrugged them off. Then she
pointed to his shirt and in one sweep Amir took it off. Samia looked
at her naked son and gave him a motherly smile.

"You have grown up into a beautiful young man." Extended her hand she
took hold of his throbbing penis. "And you have a beautiful penis,"
then sliding her hand down she lightly grabbed his balls.

"Now I know why Fazia is crazy about you. You have everything to
please a woman."

Amir's throat was dry of anticipation. He swallowed hard and looked at
his mother with open eyes.

"Do you want to see me naked?"

Amir could not believe his ears. He had always dreamed about sucking
her milk.

"That's the best thing that will ever happen to me," he replied.

Samia smiled and took of her clothes without any hesitation. Amir
gazed at her ripe breasts full of milk and then to his eyes trailed to
her pubes. They were dense but her pussy outline was quite visible.

"Do you like what you see," she said. Amir nodded and sat down with
her. They starred at each other. She guided him to her breast.

"Mumy! did you breast fed me when I was born? He asked while starring
at those beautiful tits.

"No, I had no milk at that time, I was very young when you were born,
go ahead empty my both boobs." Amir didn't need any further
invitation. He lowered his head and took one nipple in her mouth and
started sucking. A stream of hot milk poured from his mother's breasts
and filled his mouth. He kept on drinking it until both of them were
empty. Samia was getting hotter, While her son was busy sucking her
boobs she took his rigid cook in her hand and started rubbing it. When
Amir released his mother's boobs he was on the verge of orgasm. Her
mother also felt that he was about to come. She drew near his cock and
extends her tongue and licked the pre cum oozing from his piss hole.

"I want you to come in my mouth," saying that she took half of his
cook in her mouth started sucking him vigorously. She had not sucked a
cook before and prayed that she do it right to her son. Amir could not
hold any longer. This was too much for him. He shot deep in his
mother's mouth. Samia kept on sucking until the last drop and happily
drank all his load.

When his cook shrank in her mouth Amir retrieved it.

"Did you like it, it was my first time!"

Amir embraced his mother and kissed her on her lips. "It was
wonderful, tell me did you enjoy it Mummy? "I certainly did," she

Amir's hand went to his mother's lap and rested on her pubes. They
were wet with her pre cum.

Samia opened her legs wider and Amir's finger found the lips of her
moist pussy. "I want to see your cunt."

Samia laid on her back and opened her legs wider. Amir adjusted
himself between her legs and with one hand opened her pussy lips
getting a full view of his mother pink pussy. He lowered his head and
touched her clit with his tongue. Samia bucked her ass and ground her
pussy against her son's mouth. Amir started licking all along her
pussy inserting his tongue deeper in her fuck hole. Samia had previous
lesbian contacts and had experience in being licked but the mere fact
that it was her baby boy was something else. Her orgasm exploded like
a bomb on her son's face.

When things cooled, she sat up and looked at her son who was smiling.
She kissed him on his lips and tasted her own juices. Taking him by
his hand they went to the bathroom and washed away their marks of

"Mummy! Will you let me have intercourse with you?"

"You mean fuck me."


"Soon, but first I am going to educate you and Aisha about sex. Sex is
not just fucking, it carries various responsibilities that have to be

"Are you going to tell Fazia about us?"

"Sure, this is going to be our secret and I hope she is good at
keeping secrets. However don't tell her until I speak to her. Go now,
your father will be home soon and I don't want him to suspect any
thing and by the way, your father is going for a two month training to
Karachi so we will be free to do any thing, she smiled at him wantonly.

"When is he going?"

"Next Saturday, in the morning."

"When are your spring holidays expected."

"They are going to start on next Sunday, only one week is left."

"So you have to wait for a week before we do any thing and remember
stay away from your sister till then." "I will!"

"Promise." Saying this Amir went to his room to change and plan for
the future.


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