Aisha's Story:5

Samia's husband left next Saturday for Karachi. Both the elder kids
had gone to school being their last day and young Atif was asleep. She
thought of what she had done to her own son and to her amusement
didn't find it regretful. The mere thought of his beautiful cock made
goose bumps on her body. The day passed on lazily. Before 12 o'clock
Fazia returned. She was still embarrassed facing her mother so she
went straight to her room. Her period had started and today was its
last day. She went to bathroom to check her pads and found it clean.
She quickly took a bath and changed her clothes. She collected her
used pads in a disposable bag and went out to dispose then off. Her
mother was sitting in the lounge. "What was in your hand?" She asked
her daughter. "Nothing, just my used pads."

"They have stopped, haven't they?"

"Yes, I just had a bath."

"Come, sit here next to me."

Aisha sat next to her mother. "Mummy! Are you still upset about what I
have done?"

"No, I am not, however have you given it thought."

"Yes, I have. I am sorry but I do not find it a sin. I love him." She
started to cry.

"There is no need to cry over it, I know your feelings towards your
brother and it looks like you are deeply in love with him. By the way,
if you ask me personally, I don't regret it now."

Aisha looked at her mother with red swollen eyes. Was she hearing what
she had heard! "You mean..."

"Yes, you two can enjoy each other but you should be cautious of
getting pregnant again." With that she embraced her daughter and
kissed her on the forehead. "We shall enjoy ourselves until your
father comes back"

"We?" Aisha asked.

"Yes we! Do you think you are the only one who wants to get laid? I am
as hot as you are and to tell you a secret I have sucked him off."

"You mean you sucked Amir's cock?" Aisha was stunned.

"Yes, and he came in my mouth," she said, smiling at her daughter.

"Gosh, it's incredible, when did you do it?"

"Last week, when I talked about your little adventure with him, I was
so carried away and also I am as sex starved as you are. Your father
does not satisfy my sexual desires."

"Did he fuck you?"

"No, we were waiting for your father's trip and secondly I didn't want
to do it without you."

Aisha giggled, "Have you shaved your self down there? Amir loves
hairless pussy."

"Well let him decide how he wants me." "OK, Aisha lets go to my room,
I have a surprise for you."

She led Aisha to her room and opened her wardrobe. From that she took
out a beautiful wedding dress.

"Look I brought you this dress for you as a gift. You are going to
wear it for your brother like you are his bride. Come give it a try."

Fazia blushed. She unzipped her shirt and removed it. She was wearing
a black bra. Samia noted the firmness of her daughter's breasts. The
bra seemed a bit tight so she made a mental note of buying her a new
and sexy one.

"What is your size."


"Remove your bra so I can see them."

Without any hesitation Fazia unhooked her bra and her beautiful tits
dangled deliciously in front of her mother. Samia was pleased by what
she saw. She extended her hand and touched them. They were full and
firm. Fazia's nipples hardened at the touch of her mother. Samia noted
it and smiled. Then to Fazia's surprise brought her mouth to one of
her nipple and playfully nibbled on it. She noticed her daughter's
body grow tense.

"Don't be so tense, I just want to taste your sweetness. You are

Faizia relaxed. She gazed at her mother's boobs through her shirt and
noted that she was not wearing a bra. Fazia had seen them many times
before. Her mother never covered them when feeding Atif and knew they
were beautiful but today was different. She wanted to see them bare.
Samia saw her gaze and lifted her shirt and removed it.

"Do you like them?"

Fazia noted that they are not as firm as hers but very larger, maybe
size 38, and the nipples were wheatish in color. She touched the
breasts and pressed their fullness. Small drops of milk oozed out of
them. Fazia looked up and gazed at her mother. Samia took her head and
brought it to her breast and whispered "Suck them dry." Fazia needed
no further encouragement. She hungrily sucked on her left breast and
when it was empty moved to the other one. Samia's pussy was on fire.
She touched herself down there and stated slowly rubbing it through
the thin fabric of her shalwar (pants). Fazia realized what her mother
was doing. She left her tits and with both hands lowered her mother's
shalwar. Samia gasped with anticipation. She removed her pants and
opened her legs for her daughter. Fazia saw her mother's bushy cunt.
It was the first time she was looking at another pussy and was
thrilled. She lowered her mouth and slightly kissed the throbbing lips
of her mother's cunt. They were wet with juices. She was startled to
find her mother so wet. A massive flood of cum was overflowing from
her pussy. This made Aisha feel very hot. She started to get wet.
Samia felt her clitoris growing bigger by the minute. Samia ran her
hands through Aisha's hair while gasping with pleasure.

Samia whispered hot words to her daughter, "Yes! Yes!"

Aisha reached up and kissed her Samia. But it wasn't an ordinary
mother-daughter kiss. This was a sultry, sexually explicit
mouth-to-mouth kiss. A kiss that would forever change the way they
treated each other. In that moment, the mother-daughter relationship
was replaced by one of two lovers who pledged their love for each other.

Samia helped her daughter remove her pants and looked at her shaved
pussy, which was shining with cum. She laid down on her bed and
signaled her daughter to do the same. They did a perfect 69. Aisha
spread Samia's pussy lips apart and pushed her tongue into it. She had
not tasted a woman before, it was salty and pungent. This made Fazia
feel doubly excited. Samia pushed her pussy up against her daughter
until it was buried in her face. She was enjoying every minute of
this. She gazed at her daughter's pussy, only an inch away from her
eyes, and admired the pink folds of her inner lips and the small clit.
She extended her mouth and took the clit in her mouth and ran her
tongue over it. Fazia grinned her pussy on her mother's mouth while
vigorously sucking her pussy. Samia felt Aisha's body stiffen. She new
she was about to cum. She intensified her efforts and felt her own
orgasm building. Both mother and daughter came simultaneously flooding
each other with there cum. They lay still for some time savoring the
movement and then parted.

Samia smiled at her daughter "You are a fast learner or do you have a
lesbian affair?"

"It was my first time and yours."

"I have done it before, with your Lubna Auntie but it was wonderful
doing it to my own daughter. Now let us clean ourselves and try your
new dress. We have a lot of work to do for tonight's "celebrations."


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