Doctor Story

Stories are sometimes false and fake and sometimes true and
interesting and touching hearts. Some just written to amuse the
people and some are real old memories which can't be forgotten. So
its not a story u can say a memory of a loving kind person left on my
mind which I cant forget ever and when ever sitting alone and when I
go in its depth have always found myself in her company. I still
remember it was the cold night of January 2007 and it was too much
dark out side when I was sitting on my pc working. After working for
few hrs I just look up at my watch because I felt bit bored and tired
and saw the clock showing the time 3.00 AM in the morning. I arch my
back a bit and then make cup of coffee which was beside me. But found
myself to be bit restless and still bore so I just login into my
yahoo account and then to yahoo chat rooms. This was my first visit
in yahoo chat rooms after 3 months time. I started messaging girls to
be honest and after few messages a girl message back. After
introduction we started chatting and after some time I ask her if
Pooja wanted to talk on sex .I was bit surprise to hear her reply
saying yes on first time because mostly gals of Pakistan don't open
up that quickly.

So we started chatting we were half way through when light went out
and when I log on and message her back Pooja was angry at me and I
told her the reason but Pooja wasn't ready to listen to me I tried to
add her and Pooja refused me after sometimes we both agreed and again
had some chat but this time no sex. I myself wasn't wanting anything
because knowing this every thing has been ruined by the time but was
happy at least Pooja is back and talking with me and we both added
each other and that day I came to know that this friend of mine
happen to be 23 old up coming DOCTOR doing her last
year along with her house job from Gandhi Medical College Day's pass
by and we both send off lines and mails to each other every day and
when not getting her reply I started missing her that was the first
feeling that I had but I thought its just one sided but when I had a
chat with her found it to be same on other side also. Pooja was bit
worried and don't want to talk about the matter and the feelings we
both were having and when ever I ask her instead of replying me Pooja
started talking something else and at last I had to snub her first
and then apologize with her telling her its a serious matter we must
talk on it and Pooja agreed to do that. After hearing each other
Pooja was the one who said to me we have two options to be nice close
friends or apart right now because I don't want to go against my
parents thoughts and right to find a guy for me but I had to add here
and that is I do like and love u a lot and know u have same feelings
for me. So I gave her that day my mobile number which Pooja refuse to
take but when I said I am not asking yours u can message me through
web site when u missing me Pooja accepted it.

One day I got a call from her and Pooja ask me are u free? I replied
yes I am .I thought Pooja might ask me to log in but what Pooja ask
me Pooja feeling alone and can I come at her home and give her
company that was more then as I have aspect and I was shocked but
said ok to her and Pooja gave me her home address. I reached her home
and rang the bell .Soon the door was open by her and I was totally
stun and unmoved seeing a cute pretty girl wearing a white dress
standing at the door with a smile at her face asking me to step in. I
did step in but many question in my minds and soon handed her the
flowers and the cake that I had brought for her and Pooja just
looking at me why all that...and then herself realizing said never mind
and gave a little musical laugh .I was really already gone half mad
seeing her beauty and her acts were driving me crazy but questions in
my mind making me worry. Why Pooja had called me here? For what Pooja
called me? What Pooja wanted from me?

If someone come to know all this ?If I got into trouble then? Seeing
me lost in thoughts and worried looks on my face Pooja soon come to
know something going in my mind so Pooja ask me openly. ANY problem
?you don't feel comfortable? You want to ask or know any thing. I
just release my breath and nodded my head saying yes and Pooja smile
back at me while looking at my face go on ask what u have got in your
mind .M y first question was where are your parents and sisters and
brothers wont they mind if they come to know all this? Her reply was
I am the only daughter of my parents secondly my parents gone for few
days to Mumbai the second biggest city of our country to visit my
grand parents and I am here because I am doing house Surgeon duty in
the hospital and they wont be back till next 4 days. That one reply
of her was enough to relax me and seeing that Pooja got up saying to
me let me bring some refreshments for you and I just smile back at
her. Soon Pooja came back pushing a trolley in front of her carrying
various eatables along with the cake that I had brought seems to be
that Pooja has planned it out all before Pooja called me. There were
sandwiches ,chicken rolls, fried fish and bottle off coke along with
a bucket of ice. Pooja handed over a plate to me and said feel you at
home and serve yourself and saying this Pooja again had her small
musical laugh and went to play on some music on her deck. A slow solo
music soon started playing and I started thinking Pooja really know
how to make a atmosphere and right one to for the newly meeting
friends. We had refreshments quietly and during that I had my eyes
fixed on her moves what Pooja is doing, wanting ,walking or the way
Pooja is sitting. When we had fini Poojad Pooja got up and started
clearing the mess and I helped in that off Pooja went driving the
trolley out of the sitting room and was back with me again soon and
seated her self next to me.

Now I questioned her r u feeling well now? Pooja look up at me if
Pooja want to ask what u want to say ?I replied back u were feeling
alone b4.r u okay now instead of giving me a reply Pooja just closed
her eyes and had a thought for a while and then while her eyes shut
down Pooja nodded her head in negative and I was surprised. So I ask
her why u still feeling alone when I am here since last one and half
hour giving u company Pooja didn't answer just stood up I thought
Pooja mind my words and is walking away from me but Pooja come close
to me and gave herself in my arms and speak in her gentle voice in my
ears I want you I am missing you. I am alone because I need you.
After few minutes silent while her head was rested on my chest Pooja
again said in her lovely musical voice do u know some thing what
thoughts I had last night after u log off I ask her what and instead
of replying me Pooja said do u remember what chat we had in that
little time yesterday and I said yes. Chat was some what like this
which are real words I am pasting here taken from my record of chats
that I keep. Hope it will make this story hornier. Shakher I Love You
there come on reply ur id showing u online y u not replying u there.
Pooja replied sorry hello u getting me sorry yarr, have u reached
home bolo ghar pohanch gay kiya? yar mom called for me so I left my
id open in a hurry and went to listen why Pooja wanting me and what.
My reply was : I was waiting for u and Pooja said Pooja knows that
and that's y Pooja is here or might be in the Tv launch. Shakher: I
waited for ur call but all in vain and Pooja replied: I told u I
won't call phir y u waited and my reply was kiyon ke ik umeed thi ik
intezar tha mujhe phir bhi. Pooja replied: Shakher maat karoo esey
mein nein kaha thaa na key mein apnein aur tumharey adat nahein
kharab kerna cahtey.My reply was:nahi ho gee adat khrab kabhi khbhar
se.Pooja replied:nahein Shakher khyer tumbataoo tabyeat kasey hey?
med ley rahey hoo proper.Shakher replied:tumhare hote hoye kiya meri
tabiyat khrab ho sakt sakti hai?

AS chat continue further like this: Shakher: mere pass aoo I wana b
with u as much less time I got. Pooja replied: less time? kia howa?
tum theek hoo na? saach bolo plzzz. I replied back: mujhe 15 minutes
main jana hoga for dinner mom called me and i said 20 minutes work
left mere pass aoo na janta hoon mom mujhe ab online nahi hone den
gee aoo na plz. Pooja replied: kion,yaar aaj tum mughey pareshaan ker
rahey hoo kion itnein bechean hoo rahey hoo yara.I replied: tum abhi
mere pass aoo or kal hum lambi bat karen gay. Pooja replied: humm,
kall, dekhtey hein,aur dekhoo na mein tu hoo na tumharey pass cant
you feel me close to you.I replied again:hug me I am missing u I want
to feel u. Pooja replied: ok,hold my hand and hold me on your chest
mmmm kion itnein bechein hoo Shakher bohaat miss keya kia mughey
holdd uuuuu dearlyyyy and while I was touching her and kissing her
like a mad guy her reply was mmmmm Shakher I misss your touch.I want
you dear. So the time passed and we have to apart b4 any long love
making and sharing feelings. I was totally lost when I heard her
voice what are u thinking and I just laugh and wrap my arms around
her just the thoughts of yesterday and I heard her musical laugh in
my ears.And Pooja replied further u know those thought and departure
of my mom and dad to Karachi make me call u because we couldn't do
last night anything so I was restless all night after u left and
saying that Pooja got a naughty smile on her face. I kissed her
cheeks and Pooja whispered in my ears hey and when i look up in her
eyes Pooja hug me tightly removing her eyes from my face in shyness
and i kiss her again on her cheek and Pooja rubbed them back with
mine slowly moving her head along my lips as they began to run down
her ears biting them and then on to her neck as i began to lick it
with my tongues help and Pooja hug me more tightly without a word and
began to move her hands over my head pulling my hair and scratching
my back as i lick suck her neck Pooja only utter Shakher ..u making
me hot.

I stop for a while look up at her face and found her eyes close and
her face giving innocent look with nice smile and glow on her face
making her more good looking and attractive and moving my hand on her
face I ask her should I stop? Pooja only utter I didn't say that and
Pooja hug me again and after a while said let it happen what we are
doing I miss u so much in the past days. Hearing her reply I run my
lips over her kissing her deep and Pooja started giving response. I
can never forget the lovely way of her kissing and that soft tasty
touch I was getting which was making me crazy and go for her more so
I started again from where I left and after few minutes I heard her
voice again calling my name Shakher and it drives me so much crazy
that I didn't stop unless I heard my name again and I replied yes and
Pooja replied I am wet. Hearing that I started kissing her more
passionately as we both kiss lost in each other my hands were
exploring her body and Pooja was scratching my back and I felt her
nails tearing me a part and that pain was adding along with it so
much nice feelings that I was wanting her more and as I touch her
with madness Pooja was wanting and demanding me more as I heard her
moaning and in her moans as Pooja started uttering words I came to
know that all at that very time that Pooja is totally lost in me now.
Her body was relaxed now hanging in my arms and Pooja fallen over me
and I had to carry her in my arms before Pooja could fall down on
floor. As I took her in my Pooja hug my neck looking at me as eyes
were clearing asking me where u were before I can't live without you
I am all yours now do what ever u want with me.

Hearing that I look up at her face her eyes were close and Pooja was
taking deep breaths and her heart beating fast as Pooja has come
running from long distance and Pooja was breathless and looks bit
restless and I hold her face in my hands and kiss her fore head and
Pooja took a deep sigh again. Then went to kiss her eyes and her head
again and then give her nice gentle massage and Pooja arch her back a
bit while my lips run on her cheeks and kiss her from one end to
another Pooja just hmmm a bit and I kiss her lips running my tongue
over them, rub my nose with her, kiss her cheeks again pulling her
lips in mine and kissing her deep holding her in my arms and Pooja
hug me tightly as our lips combine with each other and hands
searching each others backs. As searching inch by inch along our
bodies feeling each other bite her ears and licking her ear drums I
hmm in her ears gently I really Love you and Pooja holding me tight
close to her only utter my name Shakherii. I blow my warmth and
nibble softly kiss her neck and bite it running my tongue up and down
sucking her neck slowly as we hold each other and said yes dear. And
Pooja replied mmmmm kia tum bhee itna relax feel kartey hoo mughey
hold ker key jitna key mein(mm do you feel so much relax to hold me
close as I feel you or feeling you now). And I touching her soft
boobs and squeezing it a bit and my hands pumping them slowly and
replied (yes when you are with me) tum mere sath ho tu I always think
ke you in my arms close to me and I arch my back and close my eyes
and I feel you always in real touching me and I love those feelings
that touch of yours and want to be in it for ever. Pooja gave a
musical laugh and replied you are now and will be always. As I bite
her again lick her and kiss her deep squeezing her boobs more and
more and as rub her nipples ahhhh came out her mouth and Pooja hold
me tight and as I keep on doing that her grip around me become
tighter and my hands go on her back and un zip her shirt.

Pulling her shirt down from her shoulders and as I saw her milky soft
body I kiss her naked chest and bite her and began to suck her and
Pooja utter ssss ahh softly please but deeper. Kissing her body all
the way down as I remove her shirt and then pull her pajamas down and
run my hands on her lovely legs taking her pajamas out of her legs
and through her feet and putting it away I kiss her feet and run my
hands up her legs again and reaching her underwear as I want to pull
it down Pooja holds me close as my head touching her bally and bit
resist not allowing me to take of her underwear and as I began to
kiss her bally her grip on her pajamas become soft and then moving
her hands aside and bite her legs a bit and with the help of my teeth
pull her underwear down and slowly removes it and Pooja hug me being
shy and kissing her neck I began to unhook her bra while her head was
on my chest and Pooja was playing with my chest hair as her eyes were
close. I un hook her bra and remove it pulling its straps from her
shoulders with my teeth and bite her a bit as I remove her bra from
her soft boobs and saw her pointed out erected nipples. And as I bend
down squeezing her boobs and lick her nipples Pooja again called out
my name Shakherii. I didn't stop and continue working over her milky
soft body and her moaning was becoming louder and louder as I was
exploring her Pooja wanted to push me back but the next second Pooja
hugs me tightly and her hands were moving over my face ,back and in
my hair. While her soft hot lips were kissing me all over my neck and
face and suddenly Pooja stops at my lips and bites me deeply and this
time I cried out hey ahh and Pooja laughed and began to lick the
blood coming out of my lips with help of her tongue and I forgot my
pain and was replying her back the next moment and we began to twist
our tongues and then kiss and lick and then Pooja pu Poojas me back
on sofa and come over me and began to suck my tongue.

And there Pooja started licking me down wards first biting my ears
and licking my neck and wow I really like that stuff and Pooja came
to know that in seconds when Pooja saw my eyes shutting down and when
I began to grab her Pooja just laugh and started doing it in a rapid
speed. Pooja moves slowly down my body in fact her body slips
downwards as Pooja was playing with me with help of her tongue and
teeth and lips setting me on the road of heavens. Slowly her hands
open my shirt buttons and her hand enter my hairy chest and Pooja
pulls my hair from chest and then dive to bite my chest and kiss it
madly and during all this Pooja has totally open my shirts front and
pulls it out and then lay over my naked chest poking her soft boobs
into my chest close to me and rub them with my chest hair. I wrap my
hands around her and we kiss each other again and in same position I
got up and Pooja help me taking off my shirt. As we kiss each other
Pooja was in my lap my hands wrap around her and her legs around my
waist. Pooja just drop herself to floor and circle around me and was
in a flash towards my back kissing licking me slowly as her hands
moves up and down my chest and bally and came to rest on my belt and
Pooja pulls it and open it while biting my back and scratching me
hard with her nails.

Soon Pooja was able to open my pants but didn't remove it and her
fingers just move in my pants and began to move on my legs and that
make me tickle but Pooja didn't touch my groin for a second and that
was driving me crazier. At the same time when Pooja was holding me
from back Pooja was touching her body with me and I felt fire round
me and felt something melting through my legs when I was lost in her
thoughts and found that to be my pants which Pooja was taking it off
slowly as her hands were moving down my legs in my pants. Her teeth
were biting my back and her nails scratching my inner thighs and
there was lots of pain and pleasure together and as suddenly my pants
drop totally her hands hold my balls softly and now my heart was in
my mouth and I just could only utter uhhh nothing else. Pooja just
hold my balls for few seconds not for long and then let them go of
and her fingers soon find the way to enter my underwear and comes at
my back and slowly slips it down and as the underwear began to slip
down through my legs Pooja just bend to put it off and rising up
Pooja again touch me all the way and holding me in her arms Pooja
runs her hand first time on my erected tool and it was so much nice
and soft grip that I felt I may come in a flash .But Pooja did let me
and turn my face towards herself and hold me tightly in her arms. I
wanted to touch her but Pooja was holding me so tightly and not ready
to move or open her arms a bit but we both were out of control .Pooja
was dam wet and I got erected tool kissing her pussy. I took her in
my lap and as I slightly slide her down a bit more Pooja cried with a
pain and hold me tightly and now my cocks head was entering her pussy.

Pooja hold me for second and I saw tears running on her cheeks
falling from her eyes and a big smile on her face as Pooja has
achieved something .I was stun seeing her when Pooja ask me what is
wrong now and I said nothing and pulls her slowly down and my cock
finally enters her. As I was in her I could feel her heat and wetness
and her pussy was really on fire and I felt like my cock has been
burning a lot .Pooja was holding me tight and close as her hands were
wrap around my neck and breast were poked into my chest. Pooja had
adjust herself good enough on top of me and was taking long breaths
.I wanted to move in her a Pooja holds me and said in a low voice
let me feel your thickness and your hardness for few minutes. Let me
enjoy the lovely moment I am having now . And I just nodded my head
slightly in yes and move my fingers in her ears as Pooja was kissing
my neck gently. After two three minutes of kissing and tight hugs
Pooja just said go on I am ready for the next pleasure we both going
to share. So my hands slip down her waist and hold her from her hips
and slowly started moving her up and down. On the first few strokes
Pooja was bit in pain and moan bit hard holding me tight. But as her
pussy was wide enough and Pooja could bare the pain and was
forgetting every thing and was enjoying the pleasure Pooja said go
deeper and that was a green signal for me Pooja is ready now fully.
So I began to pull her bit faster on my tool and with every stroke
her moans were getting louder and louder. I felt her nails scratching
my back and her moans made me mad. I felt Pooja enjoying the pain and
when I saw on her face tears were running down but her eyes close and
Pooja was enjoying it.

After a while Pooja stops me and I thought Pooja can't bare any more
but Pooja pu Poojad me back so that I can lay flat and Pooja started
moving up over me slowly. It was really worth watch her actions at
that moment when Pooja was at her peak pounding herself down and
pulling herself up and as her lovely boobs were jumping and her hair
flying in air and Pooja was just enjoying every thing every moment of
her life with her eyes close and Pooja in a rhythm just pounding
herself on my dick harder. With her every moan her speed was
increasing more and more while I was lost in her looking at her.
Pooja hmm my name but I didn't noticed and then Pooja dive to kiss me
and after a kiss Pooja placed my hands over her boobs and press them
and told me to do so .And as I started working over her hanging boobs
Pooja started pounding her self more harder and faster over my cock .
Pooja was getting mad and asking for more and more fucking me harder
as I was rubbing her nipples and Pooja just scream I am soon going to
be in heavens you have made my day today . And after a minute or so I
heard her scream and Pooja moaned loudly Ahhhhhhh.. And soon her
voice was began to rise more while Pooja was having her first cum of

I felt Pooja was squeezing her pussy and along with it my cock too .
And I could feel her hot cum all over my cock and my cock was
slipping in her deep and fast .After a min or so Pooja throw herself
on me and lay over me holding me close . But before I could say
anything to her Pooja got up realizing me got a hard on .Pooja pull
herself up and took out my cock out of her wet cunt and slide her
down ways towards my cock and began to lick her cum from my tool and
now this time I moan and scream as Pooja bites my balls and tool
licking them slowly .Hearing my screams Pooja just giggled and then
began to laugh with naughty looks at her face saying I am going to
eat you up today. And my heart was saying to her be my guest I wont
mind those acts and ways of yours. Pooja keep on licking me and I was
going crazy Along with licking Pooja moves her hand over my cock
stroking me slowly and that thing was killing me. Pooja rolled her
tongue over my cocks head round and round putting her tongues tip in
the hole of my cock and bites me slowly and when I scream Pooja
giggles and was enjoying sitting over me playing with my tool from
the depth of her heart. After 15 to 20 minutes of this playing when
my eyes were close and I was lost enjoying her touch going crazy and
about to get mad I felt I am going to burst soon.

Her hands were slipping down my cock and Pooja could feel what's
happening to me at that moment so Pooja started stroking and licking
me bit fast now and now I was just squeezing my legs trying to grab
her as my mouth was open and moan's were coming out of my mouth and
on every moan of mine Pooja increase her speed of stroking my cock
and licking sucking my balls totally bend over me and hairs were
touching my knees and I could see her ass moving in front of my eyes.
I grab her ass as Pooja was playing with me and began to rub my
thumbs over her ass hole massaging it from sides and rubbing it. This
act of mine made her mad and hot and Pooja licked ,sucked and stroke
me harder and faster . And in a minute or two I just hard moan once
and as my sperms started coming out of my cock my moans were going
slowly down and when I ended up I just could utter ahhhhhhhhh . Pooja
turned round and I saw her face filled with my cum and Pooja was
trying to lick that cum of mine from her face with her tongue and
whipping her face with her fingers and licking them from where her
tongue couldn't reach. After minute or so when Pooja ended up and saw
me looking at her Pooja laughed and beat my chest dearly and saying
hey what are u looking at Pooja dive on to my chest and hold me tight
started playing with my chest hair. And then said in my ears in her
soft voice with a giggle you have made my day and bites my ears and I
hug are close and we began to kiss each another as we roll over.

As the kiss ended Pooja tried to got up and when found my hands
holding her and Pooja couldn't move Pooja said to me a minute please
and let her go. And Pooja jumped up and saying laughing no more began
to run towards the bath and hearing her I just followed her and stop
her before Pooja could enter the bath. I hold her hand and pull her
towards me and her back poked into my chest and I wrap my arms around
her and soon I found out my cock touching her hips crack and Pooja
laughs and tried to get out of my arms saying hey no more na. With
her movements my cock which is being rubbed in her hips crack started
becoming hard once again . Soon Pooja felt that and move her hands
towards her ass and get hold of my cock and look back at me with a
smile on her face and her eyes got a glow in them and her mood looks
naughty now. Pooja ask me you hard again and before I could answer
her Pooja squeeze my cock and rub it gently moving her hands up and
down . I just close my eyes and let her do what Pooja was doing while
her back towards me.

Pooja rubbed my cock on her ass hole and doing this Pooja squeeze her
hips and move it up and down and moan a bit .My hands were working on
her boobs squeezing them slowly pinching and pulling her nipples and
biting her neck by giving her my mouth warmth . After 5 minutes or so
Pooja hold my cock and Pooja started walking towards the bed pulling
me from my cock. I followed her and Pooja now bend down in front of
me facing on the opposite side Pooja move her ass in front of my face
and pulls my cock and rub it over her pussy which was wet again.
Pooja laughed at me seeing unmoved and said come fuck me the doggy
way and I just nodded my head saying yes I know.
Now as Pooja moves my cock on her pussy up and down I was holding
myself back playing naughty games with her when ever Pooja wanting to
guide my tool in herself and this act of mine was increasing her want
for my cock more. Pooja was so hot that Pooja look at me with raised
eye brow asking me you going to enter me or not and I laughed and
that made her mad and Pooja wanted to got up when I just pull Pooja
my cock in side her and Pooja wasn't ready for that quick action so
Pooja screamed and moan ahhhhh. I felt entering her pussy as if my
cock is on fire once again in her juicy pussy slipping down deep and
becoming hot and wet with her juice. Once I was deep inside her Pooja
adjusted her self and then slowly started moving back so Pooja could
feel whole of me in side her pussy Pooja pu Poojad her ass and rested
it with my bally and kept there for few minutes just moving on sides
at that time I was holding her hanging boobs playing with her tits
and Pooja was just enjoying all that. Then I felt Pooja becoming bit
restless and Pooja moving now so I let her loose so that Pooja can
move easily. Pooja pulled half of my cock out of her pussy pulling
herself forward and then Pooja banged her ass over my cock back and
moan loudly and I heard her naughty laugh in it Pooja was enjoying.

Pooja did this for few times as Pooja is trying to satisfying her
pussy and feel me deep and then look at me smiling saying with her
eyes I am all yours do it as you want. So I grab her ass and started
moving in her giving her gentle strokes and Pooja began to moan
slowly. Slowly I was fucking her when Pooja yelled at me deep and
more please. And I increase my speed hearing her. I spank her butts
as I move inside her and stroking her pussy and Pooja was moaning
like hell now that Pooja wants more. I make my move faster and
started pounding her back on my cock and soon I felt Pooja moving her
ass to helping me out in this position. Soon I heard her loud scream
and Pooja had an orgasm and Pooja yelled more in a high voice and pu
Poojad her ass back on my cock and said don't stop now. And two or 3
more minutes of stroking Pooja had one more orgasm and same time I
felt that I am near too. But before I could move again Pooja pu
Poojad me back turned round and lay in front of me flat with her legs
wide open and hanging in air so without wasting time I move towards
her guided my cock inside her hot sizzling wet pussy pull her legs up
under my arms and started moving in and out of her. Pooja was
enjoying me on top of her and wanted to kiss me so Pooja pulls my
head near her I kissed her deeply but the movement in her cunt didn't
stop for a second and then I bite her chest and licked her nipples
and started sucking her boobs as I fuck her .This act of mine made
her wild and the response I was getting from her was great and worth
watching. Soon I felt that I am going to cum inside her and I wanted
to move out of her pussy so that I don't cum inside her. But Pooja
stop me by wrapping her legs around my waist and nodded her head in
no and her eyes were saying to me clearly Pooja want me to cum inside
her .Pooja want to feel my hot cum inside her pussy . So I began to
push again and Pooja squeezed her legs more tightly and I began to
fuck harder and deeper.

I just utter a long ahhhhhhhhh hmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh and burst my cum's
first drop inside her and feeling that I heard her moan and a yes
from her mouth AND then Pooja said give it to me all and squeezed her
pussy tight as trying to get each and every drop of my cum out of my
cock inside her pussy. When it ended up Pooja smiled at me and said
that was amazing feeling I ever had and I kissed her lips hearing
that and lay over her. We lay on each other for quite a long time and
Pooja got up saying lets take a bath before you leave for home. So we
went to took bath and during bath we soaped each another and had
kissing and touching and then we both came to the bed room where our
clothes were and got dressed up and now was the time to get apart
from each other and I saw her gloomy with a sad looks in her eyes. I
walk up towards her and said I have to go cant stay here and hearing
this. Pooja hugged me again saying yes I know but why the time has
ended so quickly although it was great but I don't want to you to
leave me now cant you stay more .I said I also want to stay but it's
hard to stay here all night. So talking we started walking towards
the main door of the house . Pooja hugs and kissed me once more and
asked me in a low voice how can we meet again and I replied to her
that's all depend on time and circumstances and our luck and Pooja
replied back my heart says we going to meet soon and then I left her
sad and gloomy in hopes about when going to meet again.


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