*Hitch Bitch*

A woman becomes obsessed with her dark and vulgar side,
a side she discovers thru a chance encounter on the
road. Ride with her to the end of her journey. You won't
be sorry you did.

She looked safe, the pretty young thing standing along
side the highway. And God knows I could use the company.
The miles driven the last few days had been prettyJustify Full

"How far are you going?" I yelled out as I stopped the
car along side her.

"Phoenix," she yelled back.

"Get in, throw your bag in the back seat if you can find
the room," I laughingly yelled over the roar of the

My back seat was full of clothes, a weakness I developed
over the years.

My ex-husband used to call me a shopping addict.

As the young girl crawled into the passenger side of the
car I couldn't help but notice how she was dressed,
clothes and style being a passion of mine. Extremely
oversized sweatshirt and baggy jeans, as if to attempt
camouflaging a perfectly ripe teenage body.

I pulled back on the highway and sped up to cruising
speed. "Do you know how dangerous it is for a young lady
like you to be hitch hiking in today's world?" I chided

"I know," she said as matter of fact. "But sometimes
choices are like, you know, limited. I've been lucky so
far though. And I don't hitch at night."

"So you're going to Phoenix," I said to change the
subject. "Do you have family there?"

"No," she said. " I'm going there to look for a job. Try
to go to school."

"My name is Jessica Hunter," I volunteered. "Everybody
calls me Jesse. I'm glad I could help you out with a
ride. I could use the company. Gets lonely driving
across country by one's self."

"My name is Lisa," she responded. "Nice meeting you

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"A little town near Rockford, Illinois. Small town. You
know, one of those boring little towns where everybody
knows everybody else's business."

I knew it was none of my business why she was alone on
the road, especially such a young and pretty girl. But I
was curious so I asked anyway.

For some reason she decided to tell me. Maybe she wanted
to see if she could shock me with her revelation.
Teenager's are like that sometimes. She succeeded.

"A week after I graduated high school I was caught in
bed with my Social Studies teacher," she stated as
matter of fact. "When my dad found out he cut me off,
said he wouldn't pay for my college. Everybody in town
heard about it. I tried getting a job so I could move
out of my parent's house but nobody would hire me. So
here I am, on my way to Phoenix to look for a job and
hopefully get in to college."

"Your dad was really tough on you, huh. Too bad he
wasn't more understanding."

"Yea, he's not like, you know, the coolest person in the
world. But he's honest. He believed his punishment was
right. Funny though, he wasn't embarrassed by what I'd
done, he just thought it was wrong. When he found out I
was leaving he had my sister bring me one of his credit
cards for emergencies."

"That sounds pretty cool to me," I stated. "Also sounds
like he loves his daughter."

"Yea, maybe," Lisa said. "But I've always been a pain in
the ass to him. Actually, the real reason I left though
was the teacher was arrested because I was seventeen at
the time we got caught. The police wanted me to testify
against her and like I wasn't going to do that. So I

"Her," I heard myself say. "The teacher was a woman?"

"Yes, didn't I mention that before? I thought I had
but... maybe I didn't," she said. "Why, does that shock

"I'm an Social Studies teacher!" I exclaimed. "Don't you
think that's a little ironic, me, a female Social
Studies teacher picking you up hitch hiking and you
telling a story like that."

"It's not a story, it's the truth, she said defiantly.
"I'm not lying."

"No, no, I didn't mean to insinuate you were lying," I
said apologetically. "I just meant what are the chances
of this happening. It's really weird."

"So what about you," she asked boldly. "Driving down the
highway in a nice new car...nice clothes. Life's like
good for you, huh."

"Not quite," I murmured. "I just divorced my husband and
decided to travel. Quit my teaching job and here I am.
I'm going to San Diego to visit my sister. Haven't seen
her for about five years. It's going to be nice to see
her and her kids. She has a two year old daughter I've
never seen, at least not in person."

What I didn't tell Lisa was what an asshole my husband
turned out to be. After ten years of marriage he went
wacko. Our normal sex life, dull as it was, didn't need
to suddenly become perverted to spice it up. Oh, but he
thought it did! Suddenly I wasn't enough for him. When
he found a woman who would do the things he liked he
filed for divorce. And I didn't fight for anything we
had... our joint property, his successful business, all
I wanted was cash...and I got it. Enough that I don't
have to work any more. But I'm only thirty three years
old! I can't imagine not going back to my first love,
teaching. But for now I was just going to enjoy myself
for a while.

"You sure you need company?" Lisa said.

I was jolted out of my deep thought. "I'm sorry," I
said. "I was just thinking about something."

"Yes, I'm glad to have your company. I've already driven
a thousand miles by myself."

"Listen, if your going to San Diego you'll be going
right through Phoenix, won't you?" she said
enthusiastically. "You think I can get a ride all the
way with you?"

"Sure, why not," I said. "I have to tell you though, I'm
not trying to set a speed record getting to the coast.
We won't get to Phoenix until tomorrow night. I have
reservations at a motel for tonight. Will that be a
problem for you?"

"No, I have money," she offered. "I can like get a room
there too. This is so great. I won't have to fight the
drunks and perverts who try to pick me up. Maybe now
I'll get to Phoenix unscathed. I really appreciate

"Oh, there's a restaurant up ahead," I blurted out. "Are
you hungry? I'm starved.... must be lunch time."

"Cool," she giggled gleefully.

As we walked towards the restaurant from the parking
lot, Lisa was about three steps ahead of me, I don't
know if it was intuition or ten years of high school
teaching but as I watched her walk I blurted out an
observation. "You were a cheerleader in high school
weren't you Lisa."

Lisa slowed, turned, brushing up against my arm.
Intentional or accidental, her nipple touching my arm
un-nerved me.

"I thought you'd never notice," she cooed softly. "I
really believe we like have...what do you call it, an
aura about us, don't you think. Thanks for noticing."

"Just a guess," I blurted out as my face turned a
blushing red. "Come on, let's eat."

After lunch we were back on the road, both of us
enjoying the western scenery and pleasant conversation.

I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to someone of
her age...an age I was teaching three months ago!

Suddenly, without warning, Lisa blurted out; "You seemed
a little disturbed this morning when you heard the
person I was having sex with was a woman. Have you
had...you know, experiences with women?"

"My god, no," I cried out. "I was a happily married
woman for 10 years. I never even looked at another man,
let alone a woman. Why would you ask me that?"

"I dunno," she said. "I just thought....

"And by he way," I added, "I wasn't disturbed. Surprised
maybe, but not disturbed. What you did, or do, is your

"Well let me tell you Jessica," she stated emphatically.
"While I was a high school cheerleader for three years I
can tell you there was as many women as men trying to
look up my skirt at every game. And that's the truth."

"You've got to be kidding," I replied in amazement.
"I've been to a lot of high school games myself. I never
noticed any women, you know...doing what you said. But
you're right about the men. I expected it from the boys,
but not their fathers. Sometimes it was pretty pathetic.
But that's just the way some men are I guess. Christ,
even my ex-husband couldn't keep his eyes off of them."

"You never looked at the cheerleaders and thought about
them sexually?" she asked sincerely. "Be truthful."

"No, I never did. I did admire their hard work. I know
being a cheerleader isn't all fun and games. If done
right, it's difficult and time consuming. I think
sometimes I was disturbed by the way they acted so
innocent. I've seen some of them pretty flirtatious
around adult males."

"How much of an act can innocence be at eighteen?" she
asked. "Really, like how much could they know at

"You're right, Lisa. That probably wasn't fair of me.
That's a very insightful thing for you to say."
"Well, if you didn't think of them in a sexual way you
were one of few who didn't," she said. "You know, you're
also the type of woman that other women are drawn to."

"What are you talking about?" I stammered. "You're

"No, no I'm not," she said so self-assured. "Your
beautiful, have a great body. But the one characteristic
you have is the look of vulnerability. That's what women
look for in other women. And cheerleaders usually have
that look because they're young. That's just the way it

"Was there a compliment in there somewhere?" I laughed

"Yes," Lisa giggled.

The conversation ended on the subject, thank god,
because I didn't want to concede that she was partly
right. Everyone thinks of cheerleaders as sexual. I
never did specifically, especially not like I was at the
moment. I wondered why. Maybe she was right, it was the
innocence, the vulnerability, the revealing uniforms,
the panty shots they gave the crowd. I didn't really
know. I knew I wanted to stop thinking of it now!

That evening, about 8:30, we approached the town where I
had motel reservations for myself. I took the next off
ramp exit and easily found the motel near the highway. I
pulled into the parking lot and, for the first time,
noticed how tired I was. I was glad to be here.

As we climbed out of the car I heard Lisa gasp.
"Look...look at the sign Jesse." There it was, boldly
flashing, "NO VACANCY"

"Maybe you could drive me down the road to another
motel," Lisa said.

"It doesn't have to be real nice...It's only for one

"Let's go in here first," I said. "Just to be sure."

The desk clerk confirmed the motel was fully booked.
They did have my reservation and my room was ready for

"You know," the desk clerk said apologetically, "Both of
you could stay in one room and I wouldn't charge you for
double occupancy. It also has a king size bed. I think
you would be comfortable."

There was an awkward moment of silence. Lisa knew, I'm
sure, how uncomfortable I felt at this moment, primarily
because of her revelation to me about sleeping with
another woman.

"Jesse, this isn't necessary. Just take me down the
road. I'll find something."

"No, it's no problem Lisa. The man's right...we would
probably be comfortable for one night. We'll stay here
tonight, get a good nights sleep and be on our way in
the morning."

"You sure?" she whispered. "I just don't want you to
feel like you have to do this. I don't want you to feel
you're being forced into an uncomfortable position."
After all, I am a cheerleader," she giggled.

"Lisa, stop joking around," I said as I choked back a
laugh. The motel clerk was already looking at us

"No, we'll take the room," I said. "It's done, Lets get
our bags and go up to the room."

The room was beautiful and the clerk was right, it was a
King size bed. It was huge. That fact alone made me feel
better. We could sleep in this bed and not even seem to
be in the same proximity of each other, I thought to

After we were settled in the room I suggested we go down
to the motel coffee shop for a bite to eat. After a
couple glasses of wine I knew it was time to get some

While preparing for bed Lisa stripped down to a cut-off
t-shirt and panties. She seemed to be putting her firm,
full round tits and tight little butt on display. It
annoyed me a little that she would be so brazen around
me, especially after our conversations today.

I know my face was flush red, and despite everything, I
actually appreciated the fact she thought of me
sexually. This was just her way off flirting, I thought,
and like most people, I liked the feeling of being
wanted and desired. I also caught myself leering at her,
just like a man would do, and I quickly tried to look
away before she noticed. I certainly didn't like what I
was feeling.

I hurriedly staked out my side of the bed, bade her good
night, and was soon fast asleep.

I was awakened by a noise in the bathroom. I glanced at
the clock; it read 1:00 am. What is she doing, I
wondered. The room lights were dimmed, not totally dark
but barely lit.

The bathroom door opened, out came Lisa.... fully
dressed in a cheerleader uniform!

Short skirt, knit sweater and sloppy white socks that
accentuated her taut, tanned calves.

I let out a gasp!

"Jessica," I heard her say. "Most women will never get
this chance I'm giving you. I saw you look at me earlier
tonight. It was like, so sexual. Don't deny it. Don't
fight it. You may never get this chance again."

She moved towards the edge of the bed. I could smell
her, a faint whiff of cheap, teenage perfume.
"Cheerleader," she whispered. "Isn't it a magical word?
Say it slut, cheerleader."

A sudden rush of images shot through my mind, planted
there over the years. White cotton panties, creamy
thighs, tanned legs, innocent pouty lips and tit filled

She kneeled on the edge of the bed throwing one leg over
my body. She was lying on top of me! I could feel her
firm tits pressing against my arm; her thighs locked
around one of my legs. When her lips touched mine I
nearly fainted.

"Don't do this," I tried to scream. "Get off of me," I
tried to cry out. But all I heard was my heartbeat and
her rapid breathing from her sweet smelling breath.

Suddenly, the heat from her warm body, her soft firm
body, sent a shiver thru me from head to toe. Her
flicking tongue, as it roamed over my teeth, my palate,
my throat, seemed like a natural intrusion.

I tried to push her body away with one hand, all the
while grasping the back of her head with the other,
desperately holding her lips tightly to mine.

My body turned to jello when I felt something wet and
warm sliding up and down my upper leg. I could make out
the outline of her hips as she humped, fucking my leg
like a male dog in heat. Moans filled the room and... it
was me!

She whispered in my ear. "Do you want me to eat your
pussy Jessica? Do you want me to suck your clit, your

I groaned.

"Or do you want to suck my creamy wet cunt, lick my soft
sweaty ass crack, let my warm cum fill your slutty

I groaned even louder.

"Just as I thought Teach," she hissed. "Sluts like you
always want that sticky little pussy glued to their
lips, the sweaty little gash fucking their face, the
thick slimy goo filling their mouth. You want to be a
cheerleader's slut bitch don't you Teach. To take her
cum in your mouth, your slutty pussy mouth."

I moaned in total submission. My body went limp. It was
like I was her's too use, too fuck, too degrade. Her
fingers were kneading my large breast, intermittently
pinching my hard, swollen nipples.
"Yesssssss," I moaned as the pain shot through my body.
"Pinch me, pleaseeeeeee! Harder, oh godddd, harderrrr!

She slowly moved her body upwards, sliding her tits over
mine, causing another gasp of pleasure. Her knees were
now on both sides of my head, darkness enveloping me as
she lowered her pussy to my lips while pulling her skirt
over my head.

I felt her wet panties touch my lips and I immediately
sucked the crotch up into my mouth. I squeezed them with
my tongue, feeling the few droplets of juice dribble
down my throat. I wanted more.

Her strong fingers began pulling, jerking the panties
from my mouth. Peeling the crotch aside, she lowered her
fuzzy covered cunt to my waiting mouth.

My tongue made one long swipe from the bottom of her
gash to the top, coating my tongue with her warm, salty

"Mmmmmmmmm," I moaned as even more of the thick, creamy
potion coated my palate and throat. My tongue continued
licking, probing this luscious, tangy cunt.

Suddenly her hips began a slow, thumping tempo on my
tongue. I could feel her fingers under my nose as she
stroked her own clit, leaving me with her wet gash and
my futile attempt to lick it dry. Her hips continued
their rhythm, her hand under my head holding my mouth
firmly to her, my tongue and jaws aching to keep up with
her approaching orgasm.

I felt her body stiffen, heard the low, short grunts
emitting from her throat as she filled me with her
tangy, addictive body liquids. I almost lapped myself
into unconsciousness, the gurgle in my throat caused by
my gasping for breath, swallowing at the same time.

Her body finally relaxed, but even then I continued to
lick her, sucking out every drop from between her
swollen, pulsating lips.

She rolled off of me. "Finger yourself bitch," she
ordered. "I want to see you cum. I want to see your eyes
roll back in your head. Finger yourself. Look at me...at
my swollen tits, my nipples. You like them don't you
Teach? Here, suck on this," as she pushed a nipple
between my lips. I nursed like a baby as my fingers
squished and plunged between my own swollen, nasty gash.

"Lick your lips," she ordered, "you still have cunt
juice dribbling out of the corners of your mouth."
I shuddered at the sound of her voice, my body
conspicuously reacting to every humiliation.

"You just sucked a cheerleader's cunt, Teach. You gotta
be the envy of your teacher friends. Did you like
sucking my pussy? Are you a cunt licking slut?"

"Yesssssss," I groaned as I desperately rooted my own
cunt for relief.

My fingers, under my soaking panties, plunged deep into
my pulsating cunt. My orgasm was immediate. In ten years
of marriage I never came so severe. My body trembled
uncontrollably. I could barely breath. I was spilling my
wetness on to the sheets and down the crack of my ass. I
exploded again when the warm flow reached my puckering
hole. Oh God, what pleasure I felt as I groaned thru the
final spasm.

I lay there quiet. Lisa leaned over, kissing me on the
lips. "See how an innocent little cheerleader can send
anybody, man or woman, into depraved oblivion," she
whispered. Why is that teacher, why do you think you
became my slut tonight?"

I could only moan as another orgasm swept over me. I
couldn't think of an answer, I couldn't even remember
the question. I could only feel the depraved pleasure.

As Lisa rolled over to sleep I fingered myself to
another orgasm until, finally, I couldn't hold my eyes
open any more.

I awoke at 7:30am. Lisa was still sound asleep. The
night's activities rushed through my mind engulfing me
with guilt. I couldn't rationalize what possessed me
into participating in such a sexual scheme.

As I undressed I could smell the scent of putrid sex
juices permeating the room. I was so thankful no one
knew us here. Just strangers passing thru. The maid will
no doubt know what took place here when she cleans the
room, I thought to myself. Especially when she removes
the sheets.

I jumped into the shower, slowly turning the water to a
temperature as hot as I could stand. I scrubbed myself
for ten minutes, attempting to wash away the night.

My body was a baby pink by the time I stepped out of the
shower. I felt some sense of normalcy return as I
applied my make-up and dressed.

"Lisa, wake up, it's time to go," I said as I gently
shook her. Her tousled, blond hair lay across her face,
the picture of purity, the picture of innocence.

Lisa opened her eyes. "What time is it?" she asked

"8am. Time to get on the road. I'm going down to the
coffee shop. When you're thru showering meet me there."

"You're not going off and leave me here are you?" she
said, her lips curling into the perfect little girl
'If I were going to leave you here I wouldn't have
awakened you. I'd already be gone. Now get up and get
yourself ready."
"Order me toast and a glass of milk," she said. "I'll be
down in 20 minutes."
"Okay," I said. And as if I couldn't resist, I leaned
down and kissed her softly on the lips.
"Thank you for last night," I whispered. "I'm really not
like that, you know, with women, but you caught me in a
weak moment. I think I was just desperate for love and
attention. I won't need that kind of love any more."
"Jessica, that wasn't love," she murmured sleepily.
"Don't deceive yourself. Last night was pure lust. And
it won't be your last time either. Believe me, you're a
real, born slut. The pleasure you had last night is
like, addictive. I know."
She leaped out of bed, still in her cheerleader outfit,
and disappeared into the bathroom. I stood there, livid.
How does that snotty little brat have the nerve to talk
to me that way? I should go off and leave her, I thought
to myself.
I walked down the outside stair exit, putting my bags in
the car before going to the coffee shop. I took a long
deep breath, trying to shake her stupid remarks out of
my head. It was immediately filled with the image of her
shapely, tight, round ass.
As I sat sipping my coffee, I saw her walking to the car
with her bag. I was stunned. She was wearing a halter-
top, her large breast barely contained, obviously no bra
as you could see her tit's sway heavily as she walked.
Her skirt was so short it barely covered her tight round
little ass. And the white knee socks and pony tail! The
added touch of young innocence.
Her look was complete, surely done purposely to illicit
lust, or disgust, in the adults around her. Isn't that a
teenager's purpose in life?
I felt a rush of guilt as the inappropriate, depraved
thoughts filled my head. She actually looked like the
sexy version of the girl next door going off to school.
The ultimate, luscious teenage tramp, vulgarly obscene,
yet innocently unaware of her nubile body. But, she
As she sat down at the booth with me I made the mistake
of scolding her. "Couldn't you have worn something less
revealing? That outfit barely covers you. You're half
"What, are you my mother now?" she asked sarcastically.
"I'm sorry mommy. This is all I have that's clean. But
the real question is, does it turn you on. I know I'm
giving every man in here a hard-on mommy, but is your
little hard-on peeping out from under its hood?"
"Stop it, I said sternly. "That's enough. I'm sorry I
mentioned it. Eat your toast so we can get on the road."
Once in the car we drove 20 miles in silence. I was
still perturbed by Lisa's insolence and didn't feel like
talking to her as if nothing had happened. Apparently
she didn't feel so constrained.
"How old was your little sister the last time you saw
her?" she asked suddenly.
"Twenty two I think. Yes, she was twenty two. She's
twenty seven now.
"She was just four years older than me the last time you
saw her," Lisa said. "You know what would be great?"
Before I could ask what she was talking about she leaned
over and lay her head on my shoulder. "What are you
doing Lisa?" as I tried to pull away.
She began licking my ear and breathing suggestively.
"You smell good today," She whispered. "Sexy, you smell
Her hand slipped up under my skirt, caressing my thighs.
I tried to push her hand away while driving sixty miles
an hour. I knew, in my mind, this was wrong. I didn't
want to be a participant in her depraved games again. I
felt the sickening feeling in my stomach as my body
betrayed me, my legs parting submissively, allowing easy
access to my seeping, swollen mound.
Her fingers soon had me moaning, the car drifting and
swerving over the line. I was thankful the highway thru
the desert was nearly deserted.
She continued whispering in my ear, "Wouldn't you like
to see your sister down between my legs sucking my cunt?
I'll bet she'd love to suck a young, wet pussy like
mine. Don't you think so Jesse?"
"Please, don't talk like that," I begged. "I don't want
to hear it.
Leave my sister out of this."
"But you'd like to see it wouldn't you?" she continued.
"Maybe while she sucked my pussy you could lick my ass.
I'd love to feel your long tongue buried in my sweaty
crack while your sister nibbled at my clit. Two sister
sluts taking care of the innocent cheerleader. You like
that fantasy Jesse? Tell me you like it."
"Yesssssss," I screamed as her fingers plunged and
squished in my soaked, sticky gash. Her vivid
description, the depravity of her suggestion sent me
over the edge. My car was all over the highway as an
intense orgasm exploded thru me.

As I slumped forward over the steering wheel Lisa
brought her fingers to my lips. I greedily licked them
clean of my own juices. I thought this was about as low
as I could get. Even the realization of this terrible
humiliation turned me on.

Lisa now concentrated on my breast. I told her to stop
it because I saw a car in the rear view mirror beginning
to pass us. She glanced up for a second, just long
enough to see the car pull up along side. She lifted my
tit from my unbuttoned blouse and held it up for the
woman in the passing car to see.

I could almost hear the woman gasp as she stared
unbelievably at Lisa, watching intently as she lowered
her lips to my exposed tit, sucking the nipple into her
mouth. Lisa continued to nibble the swollen
protuberance, even after the passing car pulled ahead of
us. And once again her skilled fingers returned to my
aching, swollen cunt.

A restaurant loomed ahead and, without any warning, I
exited into the parking lot at forty miles an hour. I
just barely missed several parked cars before coming to
a stop. I told Lisa I needed to use the bathroom and
maybe get a cup of coffee. I was so close to cumming
again I was afraid we were going to wreak if I didn't
get off of the highway.

As we entered the restaurant I could feel the wetness of
my pussy, my panties, and the stickiness in the crack of
ass. I knew, underneath my skirt, I was a mess. But this
only heightened the sexual frenzy I felt inside.

While we waited to be seated, Lisa leaned against my
back and intentionally rubbed her nipples against me. I
thought I was going to cum again right there in the

The hostess led us to our table. As I looked around the
room my eyes locked on the woman at the next table. She
was staring at me, a strange smile on her face. It was
the woman passenger who passed us!

I was embarrassed and, strangely enough, even more
stimulated. Her husband, his back to us, didn't seem to
have a clue of his wife's eye fucking taking place.

Lisa noticed. "My, my, teacher," she chided me. "You may
get some strange pussy right here. You're moving mighty
fast for a woman that, only yesterday, thought
masturbating was a sin."

As the waitress poured my coffee the housewife arose to
go to the ladies room. She licked her lips seductively
as she walked by our table.

"That was your cue Teach," Lisa prodded. "Go get her."

"I can't," I stammered. "How can you be so sure? What if
she was smiling just to be friendly? I'd feel like a

And as much as I wanted too, I couldn't make myself
follow the woman to the bathroom.

Lisa jumped to her feet, crossing the dining room into
the ladies lounge. I watched as every man in the
restaurant leered at her, their dicks, no doubt, rising.
My mind suddenly filled with images of Lisa and the
housewife stuck in a small stall together. I was sure I
must be leaving a stain on the seat cushion beneath me
as cunt cream was now gushing out of me.

It was ten minutes before Lisa returned. As soon as she
sat down she threw something into my lap. It was the
woman's panties! I grabbed them before anybody noticed,
my hand suddenly covered with a sticky substance. The
panties were soaked with the housewife's cum!

I didn't care any more. I lifted my hand to my lips and
licked it clean.

I knew I couldn't leave here without relieving my
tortured cunt.

The housewife finally came out. Her husband was visibly
perturbed because she had been gone so long. I could see
in her eyes, however, she didn't care. She had cum.

I excused myself and ran to the bathroom.

Once inside the stall I fingered myself till I came
profusely. It didn't seem to do any good. I was still
burning with lust. I pulled up my panties, not even
bothering to clean myself. It just seemed appropriate to
be as sluttish as possible.

When I returned to the table Lisa was gone. I actually
went into a panic. The waitress informed me Lisa had
paid the bill so I went to the car hoping she was there.
She wasn't. I looked everywhere, back inside the
restaurant, behind the restaurant, she was gone. I was
devastated. I couldn't understand how or why she would
leave me like this.

There was nothing I could do but get back on the road. I
tried to take my mind off of her and think of other
things, like visiting my sister. Lisa had even perverted
that part of my life. All I could picture was my sister,
on her knees like a submissive slut, licking Lisa's legs
while begging to eat her pussy. I couldn't get that
image out of my mind.

The next afternoon I reached San Diego. My sister was
truly happy to see me. And her kids were beautiful. Her
whole family made me feel at home, even her husband who
I really had never got to know.

My sister, Sarah, was a stay at home housewife so we had
plenty of time to visit. We spent days taking the kids
to the park, doing wholesome family things, and
eventually Lisa's brief existence in my life began to

Occasionally, while lying alone in bed at night, I would
slip back to those two days and finger myself to an
explosive orgasm.

After a four week visit I felt like I might be wearing
out my welcome. I told Sarah I was thinking about moving
on; I just didn't have any plans as to where too go. I
wasn't restless; I just didn't want to feel like I might
become a burden to their marriage. She, and her husband,
assured me they enjoyed my company. I was also a great
live in babysitter. I was still leaving my options open
but I did decide to stay a little while longer.

One day, while shopping downtown, I was sifting thru
some expensive under clothing in a high-class department
store. A woman, a few years younger than me, sauntered
up behind me and commented; "I'll bet those would look
sexy on you," referring to a pair of panties I had in my

"Do you think so?" I said acting modest. "There isn't
much to them. I don't know if they would even cover
my...well anyway, they seem pretty skimpy."

"I'm wearing a pair similar to those," she whispered.
Would you like to see how they look on me?"

I felt the heat between my thighs. "I don't think so," I
gasped. "Do you work here?"

"No, I'm on my lunch hour," she said. "I work down the
street. My name is Kelly. What's yours?"

"Jesse," I answered, "and I'm sorry if I sounded so
curt. If you had worked here I was going to tell you how
totally out of line you were."

"You're right," she said with a most contagious smile,
"so let me make it up to you and buy you lunch. I still
have forty five minutes before I have to be back at

I amazed myself and accepted. In the next forty minutes
I found out she was an attorney, single and liked the
arts. My gut told me she liked me too. And I was so ripe
for something.

As we left the diner we exchanged phone numbers. I don't
think either of us thought this chance meeting would
ever develop into anything since I mentioned I might be
leaving soon.

I continued my shopping until a sudden impulse hit me. I
returned to the department store and purchased the
panties Kelly had recommended.

I went to the ladies room to put them on before I went
in search of her office.

I almost backed out as I stood before Kelly's secretary
and asked to see her. Within minutes I was ushered into
her office.

"This is a pleasant surprise," Kelly exclaimed. "Did I
make that much of an impression on you?"

I glanced around to make sure the secretary had left the
office and closed the door. "I took your advice and made
the purchase you recommended," I murmured. "I wanted to
get your opinion."

"Really," she said huskily. "Are you wearing them?"

"Yes," I murmured.

"Then why don't you show me," Kelly said in a trembling
voice. She stood, walked around her desk and leaned
against its edge.

"Show you, here?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "Right here. Take off your skirt."

I slowly removed my skirt allowing it to puddle around
my feet. Without looking up I could here her take a deep

"Your right," she said as she moved closer to me. "They
don't cover your...she smiled, your beautifully large

She casually brushed her fingers across my crotch. A low
moan escaped my lips.

"Such a nasty little slut, you've already soiled them
haven't you," she whispered in my ear. "I'm going to
check them closer. You don't mind do you?"

"No," my voice barely audible.

She moved in front of me, leaned forward and kissed me
gently on the lips. Her hands cupped my breast thru my
blouse, kneading them gently until my nipples became
pointed and rigid.

Suddenly, without warning, she lowered her head and bit
my nipple cruelly, the pain causing a rush of blood to
my head. I nearly fainted.

She knelt in front of me, her hands firmly forcing my
legs apart, her breath burning the tender inside of my
thighs. I could feel her pull my panties aside, her
tongue's touch bringing another long moan from me. She
was the first woman who ever licked me there. Lisa never
did. God, this was ecstasy.

Kelly's oral assault was like sweet torture, the
nibbling of my clit while two fingers slowly, but piston
like, fucked me nastily. I knew I was heading to a
height of pleasure I had not experienced since Lisa.

The final moment was close, my back stiffened while my
hips thrust involuntarily against her mouth and tongue.
And then it happened. My whole body convulsed, my cunt
burst, the gush of cum was almost embarrassing. Kelly's
vulgar slurping, such a sexual sound, brought on a
second orgasm just as intense as the first.

I didn't hear the door open and the secretary enter. I
stiffened as I felt a large pair of breast press into my
back. The intruder's hands slipped from behind and up
under my blouse, cupping my swollen tits. Fingers
gripped my nipples like a vise, pinching them until the
pain became exquisite. My loud squeal fell on deaf ears.
My hips took up an unlikely rhythm, nipple pain, thrust,
nipple pain, thrust.

Suddenly the pain stopped and, like a signal to my
brain, my whole being felt like it erupted through my
cunt. Even to my own ears my boar like grunts sounded
vulgar. My brain screamed for an eternal orgasm, never
stop till my guts spilled out of me. But wane it did
just as my legs gave away and I fell to the floor.

I curled up in a fetal position, totally drained.
Kelly's voice brought back the reality. I was lying,
half naked in a stranger's office, cum juice running the
length of my legs into my high heel shoes.

"Don't get too comfortable you goddamn slut," I heard
Kelly say. "You have two pussies to serve bitch,
starting with mine." Gone were the niceties, I was
recognized for what I was, a shameless, wanton slut.

As I crawled to my knees Kelly sat on the couch, her
legs splayed wide, her juicy cunt pulsating. I crawled
to her, burying my face between her legs. The taste, not
as sweet as Lisa, but just as delectable, my tongue
lapped feverishly for the pulp.

For a moment I totally forgot the secretary until,
without any warning, she knelt behind me pulling my hips
upwards. I was momentarily shocked as she buried a huge
dildo in me, shocked because I had never had anything of
this size inside me. I groaned in stunned pleasure as
she began humping and thrusting me, my cunt begging for
each stroke like a bitch dog in heat. A new and
different stimulant for sure, being shamelessly fucked
by a woman's huge artificial cock.

When I finally staggered out of Kelly's office the
humiliation was complete. After licking and sucking them
too several orgasm's I tongued cleaned them, ass crack
and all. My whole body smelled of sex. I worried how I
would get into my sister's house without their noticing.
Fortunately they weren't home. It was my lucky day.

After showering I lay in bed wallowing in my shame. A
thirty three year old, educated woman, obtaining such
depraved pleasures by submitting to other females. Lisa
had somehow recognized my vulnerability and took
advantage of it. Even the humiliation turned me on.

Does my sister possess this same characteristic, I
wondered? She seems so strong, so in control. Surely
she's not the same as me. Anyway, she has strong family
support from her husband and kids. I didn't think I had
to worry about her.

I soon fell asleep, and even my dreams gave me no
relief. I dreamed of cheerleaders in their bosomy
sweaters, their little pleated skirts, their white
socks, their strong, sinewy calves. I awoke in the
morning, my panties soaked, my puffy cunt lips sore
from my previous days activities.

I decided to drive to Phoenix in one last attempt to
find the dark side of me. I told my sister I would be
back by Friday.

Arriving in Phoenix I made every effort to locate Lisa.
She didn't have a phone in her name, she wasn't
registered at any of the local colleges, and young,
homeless kids on the street never heard of her. It
certainly seemed to me she had moved on or had moved
back home to her father.

Friday, when I arrived back at my sister's house I knew
something was wrong. Sarah acted differently, like going
through the motions to be sociable to me. My persistent
question, "is there something wrong," began to irritate

She insisted everything was fine.

Sunday, after morning church, Sarah and her family
returned to the house. Their plans were to take the kids
to a Circus Sunday afternoon. Sarah begged off claiming
she didn't feel well.

So as not to disappoint the kids my bro-in-law decided
to take them by himself. That left Sarah and I alone.

"Jesse, could you come into the living room please,"
Sarah called out to me. As I entered the room I knew
something was up. "We have to talk Jesse. It's

She scared me. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Tell me. Is
there something I can help you with?"

"Actually there is," she said. "And I don't want you to
take anything I say the wrong way. Believe me, you have
nothing to explain. You're my sister and I love you.

Now I was beside myself. My heart was about to jump out
of my body.

"The day after you left for Phoenix a young lady came by
the house looking for you. She said her name was Lisa."

A cold chill washed over me. My throat suddenly became
so dry I couldn't swallow. I tried to speak, nothing
came out.

"Let me finish before you say anything," Sarah begged.
"This is so hard for me. Anyway, this young girl comes
by looking for you. She arrived in a cab. When I told
her you wouldn't be back until Friday she seemed upset.
She said she was counting on you being here because her
friend was picking her up the next afternoon."

I arose from the couch to make myself a drink. Sarah,
noticing my nervousness, remained quiet until I sat back

Sarah continued. "This girl, Lisa, seemed to know so
much about you I was convinced she was a friend. I
invited her to stay over until her friend could pick her
up next day. She was pleasant enough, although I didn't
particularly like her flirting with Bill during dinner."

I felt the walls closing in on me. It seemed like the
temperature was a 100-degree in the room. I wanted to
run and scream.

"Are you alright Jesse?" Sarah asked apparently noticing
my discomfort.

"I'm fine," I lied.

"Well," Sarah said nervously, "after Bill and the kids
went to bed I sat up with Lisa here in the living room.
She didn't seem to want to go to bed as early as we do
so I was just trying to be a good hostess."

Tears were now running down Sarah's cheeks. She tried to
pull herself together to continue.

"I don't know what happened Jesse. I honestly don't. But
in no time I was doing the most awful things. I don't
know how it started. And when she began telling me the
things you and she had done I was....

"What were the awful things you were doing?" I suddenly
spoke with composure. "Exactly what occurred?"

Sarah looked at me in disbelief thru her swollen red
eyes. "Jesse, you must know what.... Do you want to hear
me say it?"

"Yessss, I want to hear you say it," I hissed. "Tell me,
in detail."

"I can't Jesse, I can't describe it to you. Don't ask
me, pleaseee."

"Did she have you on your knee's Sarah. Did she have you
kissing her creamy thighs, smelling her luscious cunt;
lick her till she cum in your mouth. Did she cum in your
mouth Sarah?" Did you like it...."

"Yessssssssss," Sarah cried out.

Sarah suddenly ran upstairs leaving me with the image of
her and Lisa burned into my brain, her face buried
between Lisa's thighs, her mouth and tongue glued to
Lisa's fuzz covered cunt. I leaned back on the couch,
spread my legs obscenely and fingered myself to a
massive orgasm.

I immediately went to my bedroom and packed. I knew I
couldn't stay now. I also knew I would have to find
Lisa, my hitch hiking mistress. I knew she was leading
the life I had come to crave, a depraved and vulgar sex
life that was dangerous and humiliating. And I knew what
I wanted most in the world, to be her nasty slut.

I went looking for Sarah to say good by. I found her in
the upstairs bathroom. We both knew we could never speak
of this again, that I would return when and if my
craving ever ran it's cycle. Last week my sister
wouldn't have understood. Tonight she did. I still felt
shame, however, standing next to her, the smell of my
cunt permeating the room.

Sarah slipped into her bedroom to get the address Lisa
had left with her. I implored Sarah to put this out of
her mind that she could not afford to lose her family. I
really wasn't telling her anything she didn't already
know, but I think she appreciated hearing it from me. We
hugged each other in silence; I finally pulled away and
walked down the stairs. I knew she would explain to her
husband and kids some good reason why I left without
saying good by,

When Lisa answered the door at the run down apartment
house I was already feeling the wetness between my legs,
the wetness I had cum to love.

She had a friend with her, another young lovely, a
recent cheerleader no doubt, it took Lisa just a few
minutes after I arrived to lay out her plans for our
unlikely trio. A leisurely drive across the country to
Miami, on my money of course, and their intent to double
my pleasure.

And just for kicks, they wanted to see how many
housewives, waitresses and any other vulnerable females,
young and old, they could brand with their degradation
along the way...a depraved and disgusting scheme, and I
loved it.

And me, I couldn't wait till we hit the road.

But first things first... Lisa led me to their cum
stained couch and lay me on my back.

Sandra, the new girl, straddled my face and lowered her
soiled panties to my waiting mouth. I inhaled her
intoxicating aroma as I sucked the white cotton crotch
between my lips. Lisa was doing something between my
legs...my thigh's instinctively spread...I didn't expect
to see my sister again for a long, long time.


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