I fucked my model sister-1

Hello friends. This is Rahul from Delhi. I m 20 yrs old, 5'5 tall and
with average built. I have been reading this site from a long time,
but haven't got anything to share with you because I had never
experienced it with any gal. I used to masturbate a lot. But as I am
experienced now, I m sharing it with you. I have a very close friend
named Lucky. He was my classmate. But I hardly call him a friend
because we treat each other as brother. Our families also know us
very well that how close we are. We used to do everything together
like studies, sports, freaking out like that. But in the field of
gals, he was ahead of me. He was quite experienced in that field and
I was a bit shy to be with gals. As I haven't been with much girls in
past, so I was a bit hesitant in front of gals.
Lucky has an elder sister named Kims. She used to treat me also as
her brother, as Lucky and me were very close. She used to help us in
our studies a lot. We all three used to play together sometimes.
Although she remain busy because she do some kind of modeling, but
still she used to spend time with us whenever she's home. She is an
open-minded gal with a great figure for her profession (fair milk
color skin, same height as me, hairs till shoulder with blonde color,
hourglass figure with big boobs and ass). I knew that she look sexy,
but I didn't had any bad intentions about her at that time. But to
tell you, every guy in our locality was behind her but we used to
ignore it because we knew it's natural. We used to compliment her
about her beauty sometimes like "Sister! Aaj to bahut sahi lag rahi
ho. Lagta hai sabko mar dalogi aaj (You are looking mmmmmm. You gonna
kill everybody on the streets today)." She used to laugh after that.
But we didn't had any bad intentions about her because she was our
sister and she also knew that.
She went to Sydney for some modeling in December and returned in
February end this year. Then after some days, we plan to go for a
holiday to Jaipur, Ajmer and nearby places because that is the best
season to be there. We three left Delhi on 15th march and reached
Ajmer on the same day. As there was still some time left in the day,
we left for pushkar in the evening. We reached there in night and
stayed in a Dharamshala for the night. We stayed in a single room,
because it was just the question of night and there was no formality
between three of us. We have slept many times together in home before
that. When we were about to sleep the light went off. As it was a
village like area so it was usual for that place. It was getting too
hot in the room as fan was off, so we changed to thin clothes so that
we'll be able to sleep in night. Me and Lucky changed to shorts and
vests, and she changed to shorts and a white cotton kurta.
They both went to sleep quickly, but I was not feeling sleepy. I
decided to read the guide-book for that place. I burnt a lamp and
kept it near me. As it was too hot inside the room, we all were
sweating heavily. I saw both of them to make sure that they are not
getting disturbed by the light of lamp. They seem to be in deep sleep
because I think they were really tired. But when I saw Kims, I got
amazed. She was totally drenched in sweat and her clothes were
sticking to her body. As she was not wearing anything underneath, I
was able to see almost all of her body parts. Even her nipples were
clearly visible as she was wearing white thin cotton kurta which was
transparent by now. I turned my face and thought that I should not
think about her in that way. But I wasn't able to read the book after
that. I tried to sleep but that body was coming again and again in
front of my eyes. It was the first time when a gal's body was so near
to me in real and that too in this condition. Although I also used to
treat her as my sister and have seen her many times in bikini in
photos, but when I saw her in that condition I was not looking at my
sister. I was looking at the gorgeous model that was lying almost
naked. That time I realized that she really had a figure of a model
with big round boobs and big ass. She was looking like a wet-angel in
deep sleep. I never thought about the size of her boobs before
because I treated her as my sister, but that time I realized that she
might be having the size around 38D. wow! What a figure, a figure for
which any guy would like to die for.
Now as I was fully erected so I was staring at her body and
masturbating. Suddenly my friend woke up. I got scared and adjusted
my clothes at once. He asked me "Rahul, tu sota kyon nahin (Why you
are not sleeping?)" I said "yeh book khatam karke sota hoon (I'll
finish this book and then sleep)." He said ok. Then he look towards
Kims to check whether she's sleeping or not. But when he saw her, he
also got amazed. He kept looking her continuously and immediately got
an erection. I knew it's gonna happen because he's really a horny
guy. And it was obvious that any guy would get an erection after
seeing such a beauty in that condition. He tried to hide his erection
and looked at me to make sure that I didn't know about his erection.
But he forgot one thing that we both have huge cocks and masturbated
together many times. It was always hard for us to hide our erection
from people because of our huge cocks. We both have around 9" long
and 3" wide cock. I was able to hide my erection that time because I
kept the book right above my dick, but he was helpless. He said "book
khatam karke so jayio (Finish the book and sleep). Goodnight." I said
ok. He again went to sleep but I wasn't able to sleep. I thought it
might be easy for him to control himself as he was experienced. But I
wasn't in my senses at that time. I started to masturbate again. I
kept looking at that delicious body of our sister and masturbated 2
times. After cooling off myself, me also went to sleep.
Next day, we had a bath in a pond there. People used to bath together
in the same pond (not naked, lol !) there. There also I got many
glimpse of her body parts as she was completely wet. I was again
erected. Since I couldn't masturbate in front of everybody, I decided
to do something under water. I came close to her splashing water, and
touched my dick to her ass and sometimes hands also and pretended
that it was an accident. I suddenly realized that she might know
about my erection. So I said sorry to her to control the situation.
Then she said "Don't worry Rahul. It's natural for the guys of your
age. It's ok." I then went to a little distance to make sure that
everything remain in control. Then we went to our room and had
breakfast there. After having breakfast we head towards Ajmer.
We reached there in the afternoon. Then without wasting any moment we
hired a taxi for sight-seeing in Ajmer. We kept freaking out whole
afternoon, then in the evening we went to the market for some
shopping. There Lucky met some of his old friends whom I don't know
personally. His friends were going to Jaipur so he went with them. As
we also had the plan to go to Jaipur so he said that me and Kims
should come together there. We said ok. I was very happy to be alone
with her. We went to some restaurant for dinner and went to sleep in
a Dharamshala. And to my good luck, the same thing that happened a
night before happened that night also. There was no light. I knew
that we will be sleeping again in thin clothes. As the day was really
tiring she immediately went to sleep after changing the clothes. But
there was no sign of sleep on my side for that night. After a while
when I noticed her, she was wet again with sweat and showing her
body. As I was alone that night I thought of doing something. I
placed my hand on her tummy and kept still for sometime. Then I
started to move my hand on her tummy. She didn't reacted. Then after
sometime I suddenly placed my hand on her boob. That time I come to
know that my guess about her size was almost right. The feeling was
great. Boobs of size 38D getting high and low with every breath. They
were big and tight but still very soft. I mean they were tight in the
sense that she didn't wear bra many times still they keep their
position intact. And soft in the sense that I haven't felt anything
softer than it before. I kept my hand on her boob for about 5 mins,
then I started to press her boob slowly. Then suddenly she woke up
and saw my hand on her. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was
sleeping. She knew that I have a habit of sleeping by hugging
somebody close to me, so she thought it was a mistake. She just took
off my hand from her and placed it down, then again she went to
sleep. After a few moments she was in deep sleep again. But after
feeling her boobs, I wasn't able to sleep. I immediately got up and
started to masturbate looking at her. Then I jerked off in my hand,
collected all my cum in my hand, and applied it slowly to her lips so
that she didn't get woke up. After that I went to sleep thinking that
she was sucking my cock.

To be continued .....


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