I fucked my model sister-last

I turned and was shocked to see the person in front of me. He was
Lucky. I got scared. On the other hand Kims started to cry to get
sympathy from her brother. I gathered some courage and asked "kya
himmat? (dare what?)" he slapped me and said "teri himmat kaise hui
meri behan ke saath yeh karne ki? (How dare you doing it with my
sis?)" I said "she is my sis also, not only yours. Pichhle 2 din se
who apna badan mujhe dikha rahi thi isliye control nahin hua, aur us
dina iska badan dekh ke tera bhi to khada ho gaya tha. (But she was
showing her gorgeous body to me for the last 2 days so I couldn't
control myself and that day you also got erected after seeing her
semi naked body. Don't you?)" he said "mujhe pata tha ki tu aisa hi
kuch karne wala hai isliye maine apne doston ke saath jaane ka natak
kiya taaki tujhe range hathon pakad sakoon. Par phir bhi tu aisa
kaise soch sakta hai? (I knew that you gonna do something like this
that's why I made a plan to go with my friends to catch you red-
handed. But how can u think of it?)" I said "ab phir kya soch? Agar
tera iski wajah se khada ho sakta hai to mera kyon nahin, bas isliye
ki who teri sagi behan hai aur main tera dost (Now think of what? If
you can get erected because of her, then why not me? Is it only
because that she's your real sister, and I am your friend?)" he
slapped me again and said "tu aisa kaise keh sakta hai? Usne hamesha
hum dono ko bhai mana hai, phir teri himmat kaise hui yeh kehne ki.
Tu ek bahut bada gaandu hai Rahul. Main tere se gussa isliye hoon ki
tu is rand ko akela chodne ki kaise soch sakta hai? (how can you say
that? She always treated both of us as her brother, then how dare you
say that? you are a big asshole Rahul, I am angry because how can you
think of fucking this slut alone?)" and he smiled mischievously. I
got amazed to hear that. Kims got shocked to hear those words from
her own brother. He started to remove his clothes and within seconds
he was totally naked with his long throbbing cock saluting his sexy
sister. Now we both were laughing like hell and she was crying like
Then I turned towards her and slapped her and said "saali abhi thodi
der pehle to keh rahi thi ki mere liye tu choosegi ise, ab kya hua?
Ab to 2 bade lund hain, ro kyon rahi hai? Tujhe to khush hona chahiye
(bitch, moments ago you were saying that you can suck it for me, now
what? You have two giant cocks. Why are you crying? You should be
more happy)." She was crying and saying "please Lucky, please Rahul,
leave me, I'll die, please." Then Lucky said "saali randi, jab
modeling ke liye jaati hai to roz chudwati hai, aur ab ro rahi hai.
Teri badi gaand aur bade mommay sab bata rahe hain ki tu kitni randi
hai. Arey Rahul, hum time kyon waste kar rahe hain? Chal is rand ko
chodein (you slutty bitch, you get fucked every day when you go for
modeling, and you are crying now. Your big ass and big boobs tells
the story that what a bitch you are. So don't act now. Hey Rahul! Why
are we wasting time yaar? Let's fuck this slut together)." After this
we both jumped on her. He entered in her pussy straightaway making
her shout like hell. I then stuffed my hot rod into her mouth to stop
her screaming. We continued this for sometime and we both came at the
same time, me in her mouth and Lucky in her pussy. Then we got limp
and she too didn't had enough power to shout now. Infact we realized
that she has started to enjoy it now. We than started to lick her
body, and in few moments she started to play with our limp cocks.
Within seconds of touching her hands, our cocks were again as hard as
rock. This time, I aimed for her ass and he went for her mouth. I was
holding her big boobs from behind as a support. We kept fucking her
in that position for about 15 mins and then we came. Although we had
fucked her only 2 times till then but she had cummed so many times
that there were her juices all around us. Her body was totally red at
that time. Now she liked our cocks so much that she again started to
suck us. And by seeing the motivation of our sister, we again got
erected. As I was still to have her pussy, so I went for her pussy
this time and he went for her ass. We were literally fucking her like
mad dogs and I am sure that by that time she has started to enjoy 2
big fat cocks of her brothers.
I don't know how many times after that we fucked her, but when we got
into conscious, she was lying on ground with cum all over her body
and inside her mouth, pussy and ass as well. Even her hairs were
drenched in cum. We both were amazed to see that how much we fucked
her. We somehow got her into conscious and went to our destination.
And when we got back to delhi, they told me that they were into all
this for long time. They came to knew my intentions on the first
night of our tour. So they planned it this way. After that day we
fuck her regularly and we no more call her sister or didi, we call
her bitch, slut, or randi. Although it might sound odd to some of
you, but there's a truth that I have never seen such a beauty and
bitch like this. And there's nothing bad by calling her with these
names, because she gets more excited by these names and give us
double result. So, it's part of the game.


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