My first time

We lived in a large bungalow in the north of Karachi. The area was just
being developed so the plots around it were empty. The nearest structure was
a diary a good ten minutes walk away.

My parents had separated and my father had asked his much younger brother
and his family (wife with three small kids) to stay with us. My father
wanted to help his brother out and also have a woman around us in the
`mother mode' for the sake of my younger sisters.

The bungalow was shaped like a big straight sided `C' with a large courtyard
in the centre, while there was a large lawn and car park at the front. Like
all houses there was a high compound wall that offered privacy and security.

There were four bedrooms located at the side and back of the bungalow. Each
had a bathroom with a door that lead out into the compound that surrounded
the house.

It was common for us to just enter the house from the nearest door as they
were usually all open to allow circulation of fresh air and each lead via
the bathrooms and bedrooms to the dinning room and court yard.

It was a normal summer day. I was servicing the water pump while everyone
took their afternoon nap. I had finished and was feeling thirsty, so I
headed for the nearest door. It was a bright sunny day and I just stepped
into nearest bathroom. I heard water and then as my eyes adjusted to the
inside dimness, I saw my aunt staring at me, as she stood naked and soapy
under the shower. She gasped in shock.

I stared at her and felt my shorts tent as I saw her large breasts and bushy

She burst out laughing as I turned around and ran out into the compound. In
embarrassed confusion. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman naked.
Although I had often tried to imagine what was underneath the clothing of
the women I saw.

All that afternoon and evening, I avoided her. At dinner time she came and
called me. I ignored her, still embarrassed, and went onto the roof terrace
and waited for everyone to go to sleep.

All I could think about was her breasts. My cock was so rigid that it hurt.
I had not yet learned to masturbate and had never had a wet dream. The
memory of her large fat breasts toped with the dark brown circular tips of
her nipples made my stomach ache in a way I had never experienced before.

My aunt was from a village and had a very basic education. She often behaved
as if she was still in a rural setting, leaving the bathroom door open when
showering was one example of this.

She was at that time about 33 or 34. Average height but very well filled out
with a large set of breasts, wide hips, fat ass and slightly flabby waist.
Typical South Asian mother type (Chachi Bibi), that you can see on any
street in South Asia or Europe.

When it was silent down stairs. I quietly went down from the roof and headed
for my bedroom as I passed my aunt's room, I saw that she was awake and
sewing something on her sewing machine. She usually was asleep early. Like
most people from the countryside. I was a little surprised to see her awake

She saw me and called me into her room. The 3 children were asleep as I
entered and waited for her to reprimand me. I was after all, a well brought
up person and knew that I had to respect my elders.

She took hold of me, by the arm and pulled me into the bathroom and locked
the door behind us...

I thought she was going to slap me and give me a lecture and had prepared
myself for it.

My aunt however did something very unexpected; she pulled my shorts down and
took hold of my hard cock in her hands and looked at it with serious
interest... Without saying a word, she pulled and pumped it until I thought
I was going to piss. I did only it wasn't piss .it was my first discharge of

I thought I would faint as I came (I learned the expressions later). She
kept tugging at it until the last drops had fallen onto her hand and the

I was shaking , sweating and panting. It had felt so absolutely wonderful
that I wanted to ask her to do it again.

My aunt released my now semi hard cock pulled my t-shirt off and pushed me
under the shower. She cleaned the mess I had made up with my t-shirt and
watched me shower.

Unhappy with the time I was taking, she took the soap out of my hands and
began to wash me herself.

Naturally, her hands on my ass and my balls had the only to be expected

She looked at my face hard and saw me staring at her breasts. Her clothing
had gotten wet from the shower and her clothing stuck to her breasts.

She seemed to think a few minutes very hard and then turning the water off;
she removed her kamiz (shirt) and bra.

She put my shaking hands on her breast and told me to squeeze them and then
made me suckle the nipples. Holding my head as I did so.

I heard her sigh and say something I could not hear clearly.

I was scared and excited and hot all at the same time. Here I was, sucking
on my aunt's breasts naked in the shower. My prick was throbbing in hunger.

Suddenly, she pulled me into the dressing room beside the bathroom and
throwing a towel on the floor she warned me never to tell anyone about that
night. She took her shalwar (trousers) off and lay down on the towel and
told me to get on her. She had not worn any panties and so her hairy bush
was clearly visible

I hesitated, worried about my uncle or father finding out. She hissed a few
hard Punjabi swear words at me and grabbed my arm and pulled me down on top
of her and between her parted legs...

She positioned me and taking my hard cock in her hand; she guided it to her
hot hole and told me to thrust my hips. Her legs and her arms went around me
and I felt her heals on my ass, hitting them like a jockey on a horse. As
she told me to do it.

After a few tries I was in her. She was so hot and wet. It was so

She moved her ass and I guess instinct took over because I took hold of her
fat ass and hips and started fucking her. I came so hard I thought I would
die with pleasure.

As I got off her (as she told me) I saw her dilated hole closing with my
white seed sprinkled over her bush.

She washed me again and then told me to go to bed.

A few days later, I was in the kitchen with her and feeling hot, I put my
hand on her ass. She slapped my face so hard tears came to my eyes.

In an angry voice she told me to go and mutt mar (masturbate), like she had
shown me that night.

I hated her from that day on, even now that slap stings.

Well about six months after this, my father and his brother had a terrible
fight. My father was fed up with his brother always asking for loans and
never repaying them. So he made my uncle wind up his business and clears all
his debts.

I have not seen my aunt in 5 years.

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26. meeting(story)
Posted by: "Guru Bhai" ashhusahhi
Date: Sat Oct 6, 2007 5:45 am ((PDT))

The house was located in a remote area near the lake. I walked from my car
under the deep shadows of the massive oak trees, my stiletto heels clicking
on the flag stone path.

Stopping at the front door, I pulled the zipper down the front of my dress
to the hem As directed, I wore nothing underneath. I took a deep breath,
rang the bell and closed my eyes. Waiting, I began to wonder if I was at the
wrong house. I imagined a housewife opening the door and a nearly naked
woman on her doorstep. Finally, the door opened. Who was there? Was it
Master M? I fought to keep my eyes closed.

"Good girl." I was relieved to hear the deep voice of Master M. He grabbed
my arm tightly and pulled me inside. My pulse pounded as the door closed
behind me. With his hands on my shoulders he pushed me forward into the

I felt my dress slide down my arms as he removed it, leaving me naked and
vulnerable in the chill of the room. He took my wrist, cold steel encircle
it as he tightened a handcuff around it. Taking my other wrist, he cuffed my
hands in front of me. The room went completely dark as he placed a blind
fold over my eyes, tying it tightly around my head.

"Kneel." he commanded. I sank to the wooden floor. "Lift your hair."

I fought back my fear concentrating on each sensation, trying not to think
beyond this moment.

A thick leather collar was buckled around my neck. I heard a metallic click
at the back of my neck.

"This is a locking collar, only I can take it off. Until I do, you are my
property. Do you understand?" I nodded.

"Answer me, cunt!" I felt his harsh words pierce through me.

"Yes!" I blurted.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master."

"That's right, that is how you are to address me. Master or Sir. You speak
only when you have permission or when I ask a question. You answer, 'Yes,
Master', 'No, Master', and 'If it pleases you, Master'. Because you are here
for my pleasure, isn't that right?"

"Yes, Master." I answered.

"Put your hands behind your head." Doing so, he clipped the handcuffs to the
back of my collar, pinning my arms up away from my body.

"Stand up." With his help I rose to my feet. He began running his hands over
my body. I tensed as he sharply pinched my nipples. I felt his body behind
me, I wanted to melt into his heat. He reached between my thighs, painfully
squeezing the soft flesh.

"Get your feet apart!" I spread my legs, as his fingers invaded my dripping
cunt. He thrust his fingers inside of my pussy, working them in and out,
then held his soaking fingers to my lips.

"Lick them clean." His fingers entered my mouth, as I licked and sucked my
own salty, sweet juices from them.

He pulled them from my lips. One hand grabbed me by the throat and pulled me
back against his body. He held me firmly while he forced his fingers inside
my ass. My cry was caught in my throat, as he jammed his fingers inside me.
He withdrew them and raised them to my lips. I resisted letting them enter.
He clamped down harder on my neck.

"Open your mouth." he demanded as he pushed them inside. I sucked the musky
fingers until they were clean.

"Good slave." he said. He then attached a leash to the front of my collar
and led me out of the room, down a hallway. I struggled to keep my balance,
fear rising inside me as I was led blindly through the house. He took me to
a room and pushed me up against a wooden post. My felt my heart racing with
fear as he unclipped my hands from the collar and fastened them high above
my head.

"Turn around." I pivoted to face the post, the rough wood grazing my
nipples. "Put your feet back and spread them wide."

I stepped back, forcing my face and breasts against the post. My ass held
high, exposed for the pain that would soon come. He pushed a gag between my
lips, securing it tightly. My scream was muffled by the gag, as the first
strike left

a searing streak of pain across my ass. I nearly lost my balance as the next
blow struck in the same place. All thought vanished, as the pain took over
by body. The cane struck over and over, until my back and ass felt as if
they were on fire.

"Turn around." I whimpered as I turned to face him.

"Open your legs wide! I want to see my cunt."

I spread my legs as wide as I could, thrusting my pelvis forward. Tears and
sweat ran down my face. I tried to steel myself for the pain. The sound of
the cane slicing through the air gave me little warning as it slashed across
my breasts.

My screams resumed as the slashing cane criss-crossed my breasts, stomach
and thighs with hot scarlet streaks. Just when I thought that I could bare
no more, he paused. I hung sobbing from the post. Suddenly I felt cold
leather sting my pussy. I began to moan as he slapped my pussy harder and
harder. I rode the intense waves of pain and pleasure nearly to orgasm until
he stopped abruptly.

"You better not cum." he said, "Not until I give you permission."

He pulled the gag from my mouth, my lungs filled with fresh air, as I hung
panting for more. His hand parted my pussy, and massaged my swollen clit. I
fought to not give in to the powerful surge coursing through me.

"You want to cum, don't you?"

"If it pleases you, Master." I gasped.

He buried his fingers inside me. Pushing against my tightening cunt he
worked his entire hand inside. I felt completely consumed as my vagina
stretched around his hand. I was aware of nothing but the intense agony and
rapture as he reached inside me filling my entire being with his power. My
cunt felt as if it would rip open as he began thrusting his fist. I felt
like a puppet helplessly writhing and moaning under my Master control.

"That's right, slave. Fuck my fist." His voice seemed to surround me. I
screamed as my entire being exploded in orgasm. He pumped furiously, the
power overwhelmed me. Nothing existed but the orgasmic current pulsing
through me.

Finally, I fell limp from exhaustion, the metal bit into my wrists as I hung
from the post. My Master released my arms and I fell to my knees before him.
My chest heaving, trying to catch my breath. I felt smooth skin, caressing
my face. His cock stroked my cheek and lips, then grabbing my hair, he
plunged his thick cock into my mouth. He forced my head down onto him until
my lips were stretched around the base of his thick shaft. I could not
breathe, panic began to set in. I tried to pull back, desperately struggling
for air. But he held me until I surrendered. He began pumping furiously. I
relaxed my throat and accepted his cock. Sucking and caressing it with my
tongue, he bucked until the taste of his salty cum flooded my mouth. I
struggled to gulp it down, then licked him clean.

"Good girl." he said softly. "Now crawl." He guided me with the leash on my
hands and knees. I stopped when I felt cold metal under my hands. I tried to
comprehend what was in front of me. Leather slashed across my burning ass.

"Get in there!" he commanded. I hurried forward until my head hit the metal
bars. As I heard a door shut and lock, I understood that I was inside a
cage. He reached in and removed my blindfold. My vision was blurred, as I
looked up

from the steel bars. Gradually, I was able to focus on the dark piercing
eyes of my Master.

"You may rest now." He said turning off the light, leaving me trapped alone
in the darkness.


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