My little sister Ritu

After a few weeks of fucking my mom Reema Kapoor, I began to enjoy
getting it regular. Mom would put out for me any time I wanted, which
was most of the time at my age. The only thing we had to watch out
for was my little sister Ritu. She was sixteen but already she was a
fully-grown babe. Somehow Ritu seemed to sense that something strange
was going on between Mom and me, but luckily she couldn't put her
finger on it. My mom did, though. After that first day, she couldn't
keep her hands off it! Every chance we got, we fucked up a storm...
in the kitchen... in the bedroom... in the shower... even in the pool
once, but only when Ritu was out of the house. To me, my little
sister was just a nosy little kid who got in the way of having sex
with Mom. So all in all, I didn't pay much attention to her.

Then, when she turned eighteen, Ritu started going to the same school
as me and sort of got in my view every now and then. Some of the guys
would come around sniffin' out about my sister, wanting to know how
old she was, and did she ever fool around, and that kind of stuff.
Well, naturally I'd growl and make mean noises and then go sniffing
after their sisters. It wasn't that I was all that protective about
Ritu. It was just that I couldn't imagine anybody wanting to do
anything like that with such a little brat. I mean, she was a real
little snot, you know. Whenever she was home, she never let Mom and I
out of her sight for a moment. She didn't know what was going on, but
she was definitely jealous of the way Mom and I reacted around each
other. In hindsight, you could hardly blame her really. So that's the
way things were for a couple of months. My little sister was just a
kind of noise that lived in one end of our house.

Then one night I got the midnight munchies real bad. I hadn't fucked
Mom for a few days, so I was kinda restless and decided to go
downstairs and pig-out on some patties. Our house was two floors with
Mom's bedroom on the second floor, and Ritu's bedroom on the ground
floor, near the downstairs bathroom. In the dark, I sort of groped my
way down the stairs and headed for the refrigerator. Ritu's room is
the last door before the kitchen, and as I moved down the hallway, I
noticed her door was open a couple of inches, and the light was on.
Out of curiosity, I stopped and looked in.

Wow! I couldn't believe it! There was my naked little kid sister
standing in front of her mirror, but the sister I used to know wasn't
there anymore. she had little curves and bumps in places she never
had when we went skinny-dipping a couple of years ago. She now had a
little curve to her butt and her hips seemed to be wider. She was
still skinny, and she was still definitely a kid, but there were
differences! Ritu was staring at herself in the mirror when I peeked
in, and therefore facing away from me. In the mirror, I could see her
from toes to forehead. Where there used to be a navel on a flat,
muscular board, there was now a gently curving little belly. Where
there was a skinny rib cage with two nipples on it, there was now a
creamy smooth plateau with two perfect little tits, each with a
strawberry tip.

Just for a moment, I saw my sister as she really was, a cute budding
girl, tall, prettier than average, with a sensual mouth inherited
from our mom, and large, limpid brown eyes, from Dad, no doubt. But
before this stunning realization had time to really grab me, she
started doing something that really blew my mind! Ritu stood in front
of her mirror and began to posture and turn, staring at her sweet,
naked young body. Like a photographic model, she raised her hands and
began to caress her little breasts, rubbing the nipples between her
fingers. She closed her eyes almost all the way and watched herself
through lowered lashes, biting her lower lip and hissing softly like
some video porn queen! Standing there unnoticed outside my little
sister's door, I was paralyzed. I'd never seen anything like this
before, and it had my jaw hanging. It also had my cock rising, but I
was too absorbed to notice. Ritu kept fondling her little tits until
the nipples got hard. They weren't very big, so it was hard to tell
at that distance, but they also got darker, and I could certainly see
that! Then, she slowly lowered one hand and began to caress her
slender young body all over, running her hands over her flanks and
her belly, squeezing herself gently on the rump. She was also raising
one leg and lowering it, rubbing the front of one calf against the
back of the other.

She kept working closer and closer to her hairless little choot. Ritu
was breathing harder and harder, and so was I as I stared at my
sister's gorgeous young body in total disbelief! Then, like she was
giving herself a reward, Ritu sighed and slid her hand between her
legs. In the mirror, I could see her very gently and sensuously
moving her middle finger back and forth across her little choot,
dipping it into the crack a little bit each time. I knew what she was
doing, and it turned me on something fierce. My little sister was
actually bringing herself off with her finger, and I was watching her
do it!! Then, Sis took her hand off her tits and put it against the
mirror. Steadying herself, she spread her legs and bent her knees
awkwardly, then slid her other hand slowly downward and inward, her
skinny middle finger disappearing to the hilt. Wow! That really
turned me on, and I grabbed my rock-hard cock and began to rub it,
imagining what it would be like to put my stiff prick into that tiny,
pink little hole. As I watched, Ritu, crouched over with her knees
spread, bracing herself against the mirror, with her finger moving in
and out of her hot little cunt. And there was me with my lund up and
my jaw down, staring through her partly-open door with my eyes about
a foot out of my head and my mouth full of glue. We really would have
made a weird scene if anybody had come along. Fortunately nobody did.

Sis just kept on stroking her cunt and I just kept on staring and
rubbing my cock. After a couple of minutes, though, I could see her
legs beginning to tremble from the strain of the awkward position. I
wondered why she didn't just lie down on the bed. As if reading my
mind, Ritu did that very thing. Actually, she kind of scuttled into
her bed, never taking her finger out of her hairless little choot for
a second. When she lay down, her feet were pointed straight at me. I
got a perfect view right up between her legs, where all the action
was going on. She was making all sort of moans but all in whispers,
like part of her was really into her diddling, but part was aware
that she was in a house where other people were asleep. It was pretty
strange to listen to, but who listened! I was so busy panting and
sweating and rubbing my cock! Ritu was plugging herself fast and
furious, with her legs spread wide and rigid on the bed and her other
arm flung over her eyes. She kept clenching and unclenching the hand
on that arm, raking her nails across her palm. She must really be
close! Sis began to suck in her breath in heavy gasps, and her legs
and belly began to tremble and twitch.

She started saying "Ooooohhh, Oooohhh," really low and throaty, just
like Mom does when I'm throwing the bone to her and she's about to
come. I'd never heard that kind of sound out of Ritu before. Then she
gritted her teeth and clamped her hand over her mouth. She
went "Uuhhmmmphh!" and shoved her ass straight up into the air. I
could see a couple of drops of juice fall from her cunt. Wow! Ritu
dropped back on her bed and took a few long, shaky breaths. Her hands
fell away to her sides and her whole body went limp and relaxed. The
area around her little titties and around her pussy was red and
mottled. She looked very happy with herself. Then she sighed and
squirmed her way into a more comfortable position. She rolled her
head to the side and glanced casually toward the door. As her eyes
went wide, I realized that during the heat of things, the door had
swung almost halfway open. There I stood, my jaw hanging, with a big,
stiff dick jutting out in front of me.

Ritu leapt upright in the bed, her eyes wide with fear and guilt.
Then a look of pure hatred came over her. "Get out!" she hissed, low
but venomous.

"Get out of my room, you pervert! Get out!" She wore her nightgown.

I grinned. "I just hang around outside your window at night and take
pictures. I never would think to stand in your door... which you
NEVER close."

She stuck her chin out defiantly, which thrust her tits against her
nightgown. My cock began to twitch in my pants.

"It's my room and I can do what I want in it. You have no right to
invade my privacy."

"What privacy?", I countered. "You leave your door open like you're
inviting the whole world in. If you want privacy just shut your

She flounced off the bed. "Okay! I will, then!"

As Ritu stormed across the room, the gown parted and her pert little
tits slid into view, like two pink icecream cones with a raspberry
nipple on each. God, she was turning me on! She came to the door and
tried to close it. I jammed my foot in the frame and stuck my
shoulder through.

"Hey! Wait a minute, Sis. I'm not trying to make you mad." She
hesitated a moment and I gently pushed the door back open and came
into her room. "... and I'm not spying on you. After all, your door
was open..." I sat on the edge of her bed. "... besides, what more
could I see than what I saw tonight?"

She gave me a venomous look. "Don't you dare mention that, bhaiya!
Don't you ever mention it to anybody!"

I raised an indignant eyebrow. "Boy, for somebody who's been doing
something like that, you sure are self-righteous, Sis!"

She softened a little and came over to the bed. "Ohhh, bhaiya! You
won't tell, will you? Mom would get awfully mad." I knew Mom would
probably understand completely, but I saw my chance here.


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