My Mausi

sir today was the first time i got to go to this site,its such
beautiful site, i feel there are so many people like me who had
insect experience and not shame of it , this reminded me of my
school days when i had insect with both my aunt and my cousin.
let me give a brief acount of it.

im presently male 31 happily married., but that where my school
days, i was18 years and didnt had sister, my cousin was like my
everything to me, she was also not having brother

so for her i was very important person, i stayed in hyderabad and my
mausi and her daughter stayed in a town of maharastra
during my summer vacation it was bored nothing much to do so i asked
my father to let me go to aurangabad were my masi stays,he alowed
but reluctant as i was suppose to go alone.. finally i left alone
happyly, thinking about my sister nita(name changed)but train
journey was to much for me,as i was bit healthy because of heat and
dust i got infection in my crouch. next day i reached,i was greeted
well and i was very happy to see them all ,my mausaji and mausi took
me for vist to shridi and all town it was like fun,but due to heat
and sand my infection was getting bad even i had problem in walking

my mausi saw that and said better to take a bath and i was bit shy
so i took bath alone in bathroom but this problem didnt go next day
my cousin went to her friends house and mausaji for his business ,
my mausi and i were alone so my mausi told me she will give me bath,
she was then 32 very beautiful, fair, always sexy as she used to
were all see through blouses and and sexy saries, i agredd as that
time i was kid , she was like my mother, in the bath room i was bit
hesitant to remove my cloths but did it as i thaught she ll bet know
how to cure this infected crouch problem, she stated puting water on
me , shampoed my head , then she moved to my chest she was like
press my chest hard as if it were breast it was panning , i told her
to go bit soft , when i told her i saw her blouse wet and she was
not wearing any thing, could see her dark pink nipples i was exited
i got hard on , i was embrassed , cant help it so i closed my eyes.

i could feel my mausisjis hand slowly going down and when it came to
my poppy she was lauging and then i opened out of shame., she saw
hooror on my face she said "beta mai tho baas kahe rahi thi tu badaa
hogaya.. " i was shevering , she asked me widen my thighs so that
she could see the infected part so i streched my self , it was like
an deep examinaton my mausiji was doing , told me" beeta yeh to
bahoot bura hai.. tum ney pheley shagg kiya ? i was very shy , she
asked me again......then i nodded my head, she game me
smile "usileya ye saab kuch hooa ,tumara pani is pay gir gaya aur ab
tho opperation karna padega"! .. i was crying got frigtened and my
mausiji was looking serious, she was telling" mere paas ek rasta
hai..... tu mai jo bhi kahoo karo tho....." i was to young to
understand all that, i agreed her, after completing the bath she
took me to her room she asked me to lay there for some time.

i was lying ther naked feeling guilty, what ll my parents thing
about me i shag in this age.and what not .. then my mausiji came in
to room by that time she had removed her saree and her wet
blouse ,seeing her her breast i got hard on.

she came near me" kabhraoo nahi beta mujey aata hai isey kaise tik
karna , then she told me to shagg i was bit hesitent but i had to
doo, i was doing it and my aunt lauging , she told me to stop and
then she came very closed to me a kissed my cheeks and then she bent
and kissed my poppy which had its biggest errection after her touch
she kissed and slowly sucking it i was shouting . my aunt stopped
and shouted "tu paheley gandey kaam katey hoo aur phir chilattey
hoo, tum aagar agli baar chilonegey tho mai tumari mummy ko phone
kar ke bataaungi tum shaag kartey hoo... i was frightened and agreed
to what ever she said then showly she took my poppy again in her
mouth and as if sollowing it, sucking it, i was frigtened but
enjoying it
then she steched my legs and kissing and liking my infected part ,
her suck was so sweet i was fully aroused i was pulling her head
toward my poppyso that she can take again.. after some licks she sat
and asked me how do i look like i told ur like godess and she kissed
my tender lips first and than smouching her tounge inside my mouth i
was enjoing it my hand automatically going to her soft but firm
breast pressing it

after i was out of breath i pull back and then my aunty asked me to
kiss her nipples i kissed sukked it , it were so soft first then
hard as rock i was tingling it well and my mausi was cring "good
beta good bata "and then asked me to remove her petticoat which i
did ,to see her as she was born. totally nude she was real
goddess,she took my hand and asked me to put it on her navel area i
was doing it softly first then she she took my finger and guided
inside her wet pussy .aaaaaaah her pussy was so hot and wet ,as if
my tender finger burning i removed my fingure and kidded her pussy
she asked me to suck it i started sucking it it was hot fluid coming
out and she asked me to drink it, as it ll help my infection

i wa suking her she was like
screaming "ah......... .....hhhhhoooooo o.... bbbus that was so
exciting then she pulled me and took my poopy and guided into her
secret chamber and i dont know we human know how to fuck, we all are
born fuckers, my motion started automatically, it was so good, it was
so lould as if im lloosing my self ... it was like journey to moon
and back i lay exausted and tied .. whole day i dint go any were my
mausi appield some cream on my crouch area i sleept early by the
next morning my body was paining but infection has redused
again we had that day but it was the last time i had
her......... .......because there was more for me from her
daughter.... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ...


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