Rani Fucked by Dinesh

Rajni and dinesh are working in a same company in delhi and they
are good friends and also distantly related as cousins. They are
colleagues and had a common friend called rajesh. Rajesh was getting
married in bangalore and boh of them decided to plan and attend
the wedding together.

she was younger then Dinesh but use to call him Dinesh only as they
were friendly and free. At last it was time for them to go and Rajni
was looking quiet smart today she was wearing a trouser and shirt
when they were seated Rajni sat on neat near the window and Dinesh
next to her plane took off after some time Rajni hand carry she had
kept it on top so she wanted to take out she took out her kit from
inside and when putting it back she forgot to close the zip and when
it fell down things were scattered around she bent down to pick them
and at that time what Dinesh saw was that he saw her boobs from her
deep neck as bent down , he could not escape the sight she was his
cousin but they were tempted he had read an incest story and had
thought that u cannot develop feeling for sex for your sis but when
he saw her boobs there something inside him shattered him fully and
he wanted to touch them . after a while Rajni was back in her seat
but Dinesh got disturbed.. looked at her (never looked with that
sense).. she was pretty, her body was full and well shaped, .

she was busy talking to him but he was in his own world and he put
his hand on hers and holded her hand in his she looked at him and
said nothing , and like his they were heading towards their
destination. meal was being served and after finishing his meal he
spilt the coldrink and it fell on him as well as on Rajni , hurriedly
he started cleaning her with towel his hands touched her body and
electricity went in him he was cleaning her shirt and his hand went
on her thighs and on her curve and he pressed them a little ohhh he
wanted to do it with ease but he is not sure what's going to happen.
Rajni also felt that something is bothering him but she was not sure
what she asked him he could not tell her he was waiting for the time
when he can take some action.

In bangalore Dinesh was very uncomfortable , its thursday and every
one getting ready for mehndi Rajni was looking gorgious inher choori
daar pyjama suit after the rasm during the dance the light went off
and Rajni was scare of darkness so he went for her he heard and went
close when she knew he was near her she hugged him OHH Dinesh im so
scared and he pressed her against him her boobs pressing him he was
caressing her on back its ok Rajni I m here his went to her buttocks
they were round and smooth ohh he didn't want his hands off from
there , now Rajni realised that where she was she tried to get
release but his grip was so tight she could not breath she said
Dinesh I m ok , then light came and he released her cursing the light.

next day was Barat and when they were going Dinesh was left behind he
came out running and most of the cars left the premises there were 1
or two cars were left Rajni was also in one of them he came to them
she squeezed her self and gave place to him he sat down Rajni's thigh
was on Dinesh 's and this he was enjoying it , his hand was on hers
thigh and Rajni was also little disturbed but he was not he was
sitting so closely to his cousin that he could hear her breath . her
smell was making his cock bulge out it was semi hard , when the car
took a turn Rajni could not keep balance on her self and she was on
him her hand to get some support holded Dinesh but what her hand was
on his bulge and she was so confused that she took off her hand and
looked at him he pretended as if he is looking out where as he knew
what she was asking him , then he looked at her without saying a word
and both of them sat quietly.

Valima was schedule after 3 days and Dinesh decided to go to mysore
after the booking he told her I have made bookings and we r leaving
early morning so we can be back after two days, she wanted to go to
mysore too but at that time they r having function , she agreed and
they left for mysore next morning and after 2 hours ride they finally
reached cecil motel which was fully booked due to the snow season ,
only one room was available Dinesh was happy but Rajni wanted
separate room then he said we cant go to bhurban now and its also
fully packed so lets take it what ever we r getting it.

they got one room , and now they were unpacking things and it was so
cold Rajni wore a sweater that Dinesh had bought for her it is so
warm and soft, she liked it wearing without bra as the touch of it
would give u silken touch , after the lunch both of them were sitting
and watching the movie Rajni wanted to go out but there was something
else in his mind , he stood up and kissed her on cheeks and said in
the evening well go out , she had kept her box on the cupboard and
now it had gone to other side of cupboard she wanted to take it down
she asked him but he said ohhh u do it, he said ur know sis u r
gorgeous , i lov u and if u would have not been my sis i would have
loved u only loved u , she was shocked by his remarks , ohhh uuu and
she climbed up There he was watching her holding the stool for her
her sweater was widened up and he could see her nipples were hard and
watched fascinated as they glided slowly back and forth against the
soft material, as her body moved. he wanted to suck one, his body was
saying yes yes, yes, yes, but his conscience said no. he watched them
moving back and forth, back and forth, . Yet it was so unsatisfying.
It was just too short.

it was snowing out When after some time spending in the room it was
snowing and Dinesh said to Rajni lets go out , Rajni wanted to to be
in snow and the thought of soft snow falling she said yes and they
went out it was all white the tree tops the roof of houses and all
mall road was covered with snow and by the thought of Dinesh touching
her she felt masculine touch not the cousinly touch and she also
felt something for him it was not cousinly love she wanted warmth of
his body, she was trembling and Dinesh thought it was coz of coldness
so he pressed her to himself so she get some warmness and to give her
some relief. and said go back to the motel before we get pneumonia
when they returned to their room they found that there was only one
blanket , he said u sleep and take the blanket take it so u don't get
cold and he order for coffee while having coffee his mind was there
he wanted her .

Night was very cold and he was sleeping on the couch and Rajni on the
bed she could not sleep as there was only one blanket and he had
nothing at last he was her cousin how could she let him sleep in
this coldness in the middle of the night she stood up and took the
blanket and put it on him and sat there watching him , he opened his
eyes and saw her sitting on the sofa he asked feeling cold , she nod
her head he brought the blanket to her and said common u sleep and he
made her wear the blanket as he was going away she holded him and
said its so chilly u how u can sleep on couch Dinesh she called him
to bed and said sleep here he looked at her and slept next beside her.

the thought of sleeping next to her made him more erotic and
passionate then ever she was within reach and his meat piece was
fully erected he could not hide it , Rajni went to sleep or may be
pretend as sleeping he touched her face with his finger and his
finger rolled down her nose then lips and he could feel the hot
breath of her and hotness of her lips .

Dinesh trying to sleep he laid his hand on her waist and moved her
closer to him she opened her eyes and was staring at him she did not
protest that why he has put arm around her waist then and hewas
caressing her rubbing her she just stood up and said no Bhai u cant
do this what r u doing and then Dinesh he took her by force in his
arms and asked Rajni u don't luv me just say yes or no, she said how
can I say no , he said then its yes , he took her and said u know u
do same thing just being with me in a same room as any girl do to me
during intercourse, u without touching me without even saying a thing
make me hard and its unbearable for me he went on top of her trying
to rip her cloth off she wanted to yell but could not what the motel
staff would think if they hear, and when Dinesh was about to touch
her kamiz she cried silently and tears started running on her face
but Dinesh didn't care but licked her tear and he tried get her bra
off she resisted so much but it was of no use she was under his
control his grip was so tight that she could not get out . (To be
continued......)This is sexy ricky once more..

this made him him to to get his hands on her bra and from inside it
he took out her boobs with full grip and pressed them fully ,she was
feeling so ashamed and was saying no Dinesh pleaseeeeeeeeeee! but of
no use , he continued fondling it then he got them released from the
bra and they came out her big brown nipple he hungrily suck them and
press his hardness on her Choot when she realize that he will go
further anytime he will also tore shalwar she first time open her
eyes and said with trembling voice ohhhhhhhh Dinesh no please don't
go so far not go sofar pleasee its ok u seen my boobs and suck them
but don't go so far we cant , pleaseeeee Dinesh and he again pressed
his hardness to her softness he released her nipple and trying to
kiss her lips she move her head to other side to side and was trying
not to touch his lips but he forcefully grip her Hair and placed his
lips on her lips and one hand on her Hair other on her boobs and
humping his hips to her choot suck her lips and also press her boobs
she wanted to getup and move a way from his strong body which was not
possible as he was more forceful and she helplessly withdraw his
struggle and lose her body and only tears were running down her face
she feel so ashamed but when she realized that now after surrendering
herself to him and she was just starring him she was also feeling
something that she could not give any name. He hold her and started
kissing her again and she clung herself to him , he moved his hand
over her body till they cupped her ass and pressed them , said I luv
u Rajni jaaaan my jaaan don't u want that she said no , he said no
that means yes and he buried his mouth in the soft hollow between the
breast and said u wont believe it how much I wanted to do it jaaaan ,
oohhh Rajni I luv u aaah jaan thanks thanks jaaan she was trembling
uncontrollably now, hardly able to speak as she told him, I know how
much u want and now how much I hate u ooohhhhh!now.

he came to her Choot and slowly and gently he cupped her Choot and
massaged and rub she closed her eyes again he slowly withdraw his hot
lips and placed again her Nipple and suck them so hard she get new
session as Dinesh massaged her Choot and suck her nipple she realized
that her choot now wet why she dont know but she get some wetness
between her cunt and she trying to close her legs but he said no
Rajni don't do this other wise i parted u legs and then he press his
hand on her Kamarbund and going to remove her shalwar she grip his
hands and said No bhai please u suck my nipp and dont remove my
shalwar i will die pleaseeeeeee but again he don't care and loosen
her kamarbund and placed his both hands on her shalwar and in one
jerk he remove and now she was completely nude and he see her bra up
on her chest and nothing on her body she bent down her knees to hide
her Choot view but he grip her and forcly parted her legs and when he
saw her choot he eagerly place his hand on her open Choot and
massaging and rubbing her she trying resist and close her wet choot
from his eys and hands but this time he forcedly and angrily open her
legs as wide as he can do and gently found his way to her cunt first
she tried to hide it but it was no use he locked his lips onto her
clit and using his tongue and his lips he worked her clit over like
he have never ever felt. she could not help but moan out loudly and
her eyes opened wide. her resistence stopped when he was licking
entire Choot in quick motion and she faint she don't know what her
body was responding and her body against her mind she start new
feeling and again she surrender herself to him Now he wanted to lick
the lover choot her honey is so sweet he want to just lick her she
screamed out "oooohhhhh Godddd nooooooo please ss?.pppleeeeas
stop..oh pppleeeeaaa Mani ohhhhhsseeee please dont do this s." He did
not stop, whether he wanted to or not, her hands grasped his hair and
tryed to pulled his mouth from her mound. He continued lick on her
clit with his sucking lips and swirling tongue. she was sucked right
into heavenly bliss, Choot first. As the first shudders of my orgasm
raced through my body, he sensed this and stopped abruptly.

He was caressing her and his lund was in erection and he caressed her
naked body till it was burning both of them were burning inside he
was caressing her , stroking her till her body was responsive in
every way then he slid his hard lund inside her with a jerk, she
yelling "Bhaiiiii ameeeee mar gaiii off bhaya pull out please I m
dying and screaming


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