wonder og singapur

I was at Dempsey Clubhouse (this is where I was staying initially) all day
long - just talking and watching a movie with my friends there. I left at
about 6:00pm, and basically I had nothing much to do then. After roaming
around in Orchard for sometime, I finally decided to go to Geylang and just
have a look - this is the legal red-light area of Singapore! Aditya - mere
roomi - I really went there just to have a look and see what the place looks
like and what do the pro's look like - believe me - I didn't go there with
any other thing in mind!

And when I got there - this is what it was like: Rooms on either side of the
road with a red bulb lighted in front of most of them - young ladies sitting
in these `red' rooms and smiling sweetly out of the doors - Chinese, Malay,
Indian guys standing and peering into the rooms and whispering among
themselves - roadside VCD vendors beckoning all passerbys to come and have a
look at their collections... There were all kinds of ladies here - fat,
thin, dark, fair - there was ample choice to select a pick!! They did not
come out of the rooms - they just sat there and smilied and sometimes waved
at the guys outside. And I just couldn't make up my mind about what to do -
it all seemed to be so very attractive - so very easy - nobody knew me there
- I could do whatever I wanted to. Some of the girls were quite pretty too -
I knew that if I did go in for the thing, then it had to be a Chinese for

I took a second round around the street. Actually, there were quite a number
of such streets all around!! And there was one Chinese babe whom I
particularly liked - she was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a mini and
sitting there with her milky-white long legs criss-crossed on each-other.
She had long, silky, black hair with streaks of brown - and she seemed to be
quite good. I passed by, but I decided that if I will do it, then it'll have
to be with her. And then I just stood there - my dick all erect already with
the thought - and finally decided that let's do it!! I went inside the room,
and all the girls inside started crooning and whimpering and basically meri
gaand phat gayi!!

Anyway, I walked up to this babe - "How much Ma'am?", I asked. I don't know
why I addressed her as Ma'am - maybe just the habit!!

"40 dollars - blowjob and one shot lah", she answered and smiled so very

"This is my first time - I can't give more than 20".

"OK - 30 then - not less".

"25. please Ma'am...".

"Naaahhh... Next time lah".

"OK - 30 then...", I said.

"Can lah", she again smiled and signalled me towards a door there.

I walked ahead, and she followed close behind. The door opened into a narrow
corridor and there were rooms on each side.

"What's your name?", I asked.

"Sasha. Yours?"

"I'm Aadit. How old are you?".

"25 she said. First time lah?", she smiled and winked.

She ushered me into one of the rooms and closed the door.

"Yaah...", I said and laughed slightly. Lekin sach bataon to thodi thodi
paht si rahi thi.

The room was about as big as our Hall-I rooms, and had an attached bathroom.
I thought that the bathroom was meant for cleaning up or something, but I
was soon to realise that it was supposed to be much more fun than that!

"You give money first lah", she demanded.

I took out my wallet and handed her three 10 dollar notes. She took the
money and went out for a moment - must have gone to keep it somewhere. I
waited and she was soon back with her sweet smile.

"Take off shirt. I give you bath first and then blowjob and fuck. Can?".

"Oh - OK. Fine with me!". I was much too delighted that she was also going
to give me a bath! Maybe it was meant to make it all look much more hygienic
or something.

She started taking off her clothes, and I couldn't figure out whether to
help her or not. And even before I could decide, she had already peeled off
- all bare!! She wasn't wearing a bra, and it just took her a second to pull
the top off. The boobs were pretty fine - I don't have much idea of the
exact stats, but they were OK sized - the nipples were smaller though. She
then unhooked her skirt and then her panty - they both slipped to the floor
- she picked them up and turned around to hang them from the clips behind
her. Her ass had two absolutely round globes - milky white - and so smooth
to look at... Her pussy wasn't shaved, but didn't have much hair either - as
it is, all Chinese are much too chiknaa...

"Take off shirt fast lah - only 30 minutes - OK."

That meant that this was going to be a bit too professional!! I started
unbuttoning my t-shirt, and she walked past me into the bathroom.

"Water - hot or cold?", she asked.

"Cold will be fine", I replied.

I quickly took off my jeans and underwear, and hung them from the clips. The
bathroom wasn't very big - just enough place to move around the hands. She
was already waiting there with a hand-shower, and as soon as I entered, she
turned on the water and started soaping me all over.

"Can I give you a bath too?", I merrily asked - thoroughly enjoying myself
because she was taking special care to apply soap on my dick and my balls.

"Shutup lah - I wash you and fuck - OK", she snapped back. Whoops - this
wasn't a lady to mess up with!!

Anyway, the soap was good and nice smelling. And she allowed me to fondle
her boobs while she was soaping me. And as before - I sucked on to the
nipples and felt just great. I didn't dare to kiss her on the lips because
of all the HIV stuff and everything. Finally, after the soaping and washing
was over, she fetched a towel and began to wipe me. I was pretty
apprehentious about whether the towel was clean or not - but it looked quite
clean and so I didn't say anything.

She then stood up and wiped herself a bit too, and then took me by the hand
into the room. She reached into a drawer and took out a condom and then did
something to it which I couldn't figure out, but finally got it onto me. I
was all hard and erect ofcourse. She kneeled down in front of me, and
holding my dick in her hands, she put it into her mouth. Wow - it felt just
great - with her moving her lips back and forth over it, and rolling her
tongue all over... She even deep-throated a few times... It went on like
this for about 5 minutes - with me moving my hands over her boobs and
pressing her nipples, and with her clutching my dick in her hands and moving
it inside and out of her mouth... Ohhh...It was all bliss. But she never
uttered a single sound or a moan inbetween - that was one thing that I
missed definitely. There was just me moaning and making funny sounds
sometimes!! And all the time I was afraid that kahin sadka pehle hi nikall
gaya to chutiya kat jaayegaa!! Laundiya ke aage impression bhi kharaab ho
jayegaa aur thirty dollars ke nuksaan bhi!!

Anyway, we went on like this for about 5 minutes. And then she got up and
threw herself on the bed.

"Come fuck lah", she called me.

I climbed onto the bed and looked at my erection - I was doing pretty fine I
thought - abhi tak sadkaa to nahin nilkaa fortunately!! She took my dick
into her hands and guided it into her - Oh - I felt something all around my
dick - something pretty warm and soft and basically - really nice!! I was
inside her!! And I was a virgin no longer!! I looked at my watch - 7:18pm -
I'll remember that always!! I started moving back-and-forth and
back-and-forth, and she just lay there silently with her eyes closed -
saying nothing - uttering nothing - doing nothing... I thought that this was
really boring - but anyway, whatever it was - it was pretty nice anyway to
move around inside her!! I kissed her on her boobs and her shoulders and
continued moving up-and- down. I wanted to take her tits into my mouth and
so I pressed her boobs upwards - just about to lick the nipples slightly.
She moaned a bit - just a bit - and pushed my face away from her. I thought
that maybe I'd hurt her, and so I said sorry, and just continued moving my
hands all over her body.

"Please come on top Sasha", I asked her.

"Only fuck lah", she hissed back. And the way in which she said this was
pretty scary fellas!!

"Please Sasha - This is my first time", I repeated.

She pushed my face away - "Only fuck - OK - otherwise I go". And she looked
like she meant it too. Bahiyon - randiyon ke saath yehi problem hai!!

Anyway, I didn't try anything funny after that. We went on like this - with
me on top of her and moving back-and-forth for about 15 minutes. I still
hadn't come, and I'd started feeling really proud of myself!!

"I do you by hand now. Half hour gone - I have to go now", she spoke.

"One more minute - Please", I answered.

It was a bit more then a minute when she finally pushed me off her, and took
my dick into her hands and started masturbating me. I felt that I was just
about to explode, and I asked her - "One more blow-job please. That first
one was wonderful!".

"20 dollar more lah, and I give you another blow-job and fuck", she said.

I really didn't see much point in it anyway, but it was going to be the same
- this time maybe with her on top!!

"No", I replied. "This is OK...". And it was just a few seconds more and a
few more pumps from Sasha, that I finally came, and came real big!! The
condom flooded and all the stuff was hanging down from it...

She went to the bathroom and hand-showered herself on the pussy. I meanwhile
took off the condom and threw it into the dustbin. She came back, put on her
clothes and walked away without a single word!!

I then cleaned myself up, got on my clothes, and came out. I could see Sasha
back on her chair - in the same position in which I had first seen her -
with the same smile on her face... An old and ugly lady whom I hadn't
noticed before, pointed me to another door - this opened out into yet
another similar street...

I stepped out - all sweating even besides the air-con inside - but I felt
like a man now - very much like the first time when I had masturbated!! I
was no longer a virgin, and it had been a safe sex throughout - a bit too
professional and not so much of fun - but OK anyway for an experience with a

And that was it guys - my first fuck!!

From there, I came to the office to write you all a mail about this
wonderful evening, and ek baar Sasha ke naam ka sadkaa maaraa - aur kya mast
uchal raha tha!! And then watched a bit of Jurassic Park that was coming on
the TV in the office, and then I started writing the mail.

Ab chalte hain - aap log apna feedback zaroor bhejiyegaa...


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